31 August 2011

oh hey jacob


floppy puppy ears


lanvin kinect dance central

this looks like some weak beginner shit. talk to me when you can hit pon de replay on expert. via.

i love you like a love song baby

selena gomez won't get out of my head ever since i heard this song during an advertisement on spotify.

are you on spotify?


SEC uniform updates! Full college uniform coverage here.

The Vols have gone from black shoes to white shoes and I think it's an improvement. C2E

Georgia has this silly new jersey. I guess Starla's gonna have to invest in a new sleep shirt...

and look at Auburn's tramp stamp! EMBEARASSING!

Get outta town

Check out what my new room in GPP is going to look like! CAN'T WAIT!

"Dalton Campbell, 11, and Jorday Campbell, 9, from Ontario, Canada, relaxed in the Space Fantasy Room at the Best Western Space Shuttle Inn after a visit to the Kennedy Space Center." from the times.


watch this while listening to any song.

the internet stole our joke.


what do you get...

...when you cross:
larry david's real-life ex-wife, laurie david...

...with larry david's TV ex-wife, cheryl hines?


a creepy lady-mash-up: amy landecker, the actress who just played the girl larry and rosie o'donnell competed over on a recent ep of curb your enthusiasm. and also larry's new real-life gf.

weird, huh?!

always trust 2Pz readers.

it's a really good thing y'all correctly voted for us to hunker down in safe-ass greenpoint. upstate new york (among other places) got it hard. these photos are breathtaking.

thx jess!

gchatz w/ yella bear's mom.

me: i saw what he can do with his leg
while sitting
rachel: (redacted strategy discussion)
me: just push him a little further
rachel: i think thats his bad leg
ill probably break his damn hip while trying to make him human
me: he's not THAT old is he?
rachel: no, but he definitely does a bunny hop with his back end
he might have injured it at some point or, like a lot of labs, he's in the beginning phases of hip dysplasia
me: sounds like he's in the beginning phases of a lot of excuses

a special treat for you.

billy? it's susan.

i was going through my trunk of souvenirs, and i found this doll. the doll we used to play with before the war. before you went inSANE.

you were sittin' on that quilt, that, at one time had kept us warm. and the quilt was so worn, billy, and it smelled like moth balls, which, brought back all those memories of the time we spent in the attic.


with muffin. and you told us that mother was wrong and we were right. didn't you, muffin? and i took care of you. and billy.


but billy was much more trouble than you, wasn't he, muffin? especially when he got to be bigger than susan. and made her do things she did NOT...wanna do. things that made her sick.

and mother pretended she didn't know, but she did.


well, who's lyin' in a bed, in an insane asylum, plugged into a life support system. and who's wearin' fine jewels, and expensive clothes. and whose husband....accidentally died, just recently, and left me all. his. money?

oh, this is a....there's a plug here that hooks into, where he's breathin' and stuff. um...let me just take it back.

and whose husband just accidentally died, and left her all his money?

(plug pull)


well, i'll see you in hell, billy. but at least I'M gonna have some fun, before I get there.


say "police!"

new kelly clarkson?

"mr. know it all"

more like, mr. i just fell asleep. i couldn't even get through it.

well, that's fun.

100 years of london fashion in 100 seconds.

this photo is like a magic eye.

take a long look at this photo (c2e) and see if you can figure out what's going on

little known facts

my brother craig had a baby duck growing up named peepers. if you want to know what happened to peepers, you need to ask THIS guy. SPOILER ALERT: peepers dies.
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