29 August 2013


you guys already knew.

this is a picture of me, now.

the best endorsement of all

new york city's favorite rap station, hot97, has endorsed bill de blasio for mayor! and with good reason:
After the de Blasio interview, Rosenberg told the audience he was siding with de Blasio, and rattled off a number of reasons. The first reason Rosenberg stated was de Blasio's focus on the wealth gap in the city. Then he said, "I personally don't like the Christine Quinn-estabishment vibe. I don't like how much she's embraced by Mayor Bloomberg" and, "I want a change from Mayor Bloomberg."
After that, Rosenberg said this: "On top of that, and maybe most importantly, you can't tell me you don't want to have [a mayor] who happens to be white but his wife is black and his kid has the most epic, non-Jewish Jew-fro of all time."
Rosenberg said "all of those reasons are why I'm going to vote for Bill de Blasio." (via)

rim fire in yosemite


do you know where the place we're about to bomb is?

click here and try to guess. (via)

knoxville has a new billboard, everyone.


swiperboy - brick by brick (rise to the top)

skip ahead to 1:05-ish.
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