08 October 2010

michelle williams and ryan gosling news

a movie trailer for blue velvet (grizzly bear music, nc-17 rating)

michelle in her marilyn garb for a different movie.

ryan looking dayum good on the set of a different movie.

baptism - crystal castles II

official video

tennessee (2-3) vs georgia (1-4)

well. you would think it would be a big deal for derek dooley to play his first game in sanford stadium where his father is so revered. i supposes it is a big deal symbolically, but in reality this game is between two losers with pathetic records and no quality wins between them. this is the first time in 104 years that these two teams play each other without one of the teams having a winning record.

i hope, nay i know that the vols are going to wipe the floor with the bulldogs, but i was wondering what a lot of people were wondering: who is vince dooley rooting for?
"They've got these high-tech cameras, I don't care where you are, they'll find you. But they're not going to find me. I'm going to be in my den watching the game. I'll be pulling for my son. I'm not going to go pull for my son in Sanford Stadium. Family first."

VOLS first. you heard it here.

just wait until you see how jesse handles the windows.


i just happened to tune into rachel maddow last night...

and boy was i glad i did! you won't believe this guy. stick around long enough to see rachel bang her head on her desk in frustration. spoiler alert retroactive!

just sprinkle some nuclear waste across the ocean. or america!

this time, i believe you.

you witch. but i wish you'd quit comparing yourself to me. we are nothing alike.

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