26 July 2012

Diana's SPOILER FREE review of The Dark Knight Rises

Was great but not as good as the last one, no one will ever top Heath's performance. Anne Hathaway was surprisingly good as Catwoman - her body is bangin'! I adore Joseph Gordon Levitt. Why couldn't they make Bane's voice easier to understand? I needed subtitles from that damn mask. And last but not least - after that ending, I need more movies! Come back Chris Nolan!

i can cosign this review, and starla completely agrees.

Starla's review:
2 constant thoughts during the movie... 
1) HOT DAMN christian bale and tom hardy have been working out 
2) where is 90W? can i see it during the aerial shots?

"well i better get out of here and start preparing for the probapocalypse"

did you know that there is 45% chance that you will wake up dead tomorrow because of the wind and rain coming out of the sky above? to learn more about your likely demise, follow THIS link. (the derecho is coming)

UPDATE: turns out the derecho was just a little bit of rain. no biggie.

paul watson is on the lam

“Captain Watson’s attorney reports he has left Germany,” said Susan Hartland, Administrative Director of Sea Shepherd. We have reason to believe from a reliable source that, once in Costa Rica, the Japanese Government may have sought extradition of Captain Watson to Japan to answer charges related to obstructing their illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. We have no further information and are not in touch with him. We will do our best to provide more details as we learn more. We will post any new information as it arrives and we are able to confirm its validity." via

Paul Watson, the captain from Whale Wars was arrested and escaped from Germany and now no one knows where he is and the Japanese whale industry is probably looking for him so they can turn him into an oil lamp or something.

be still my heart.

three bear cubs rescued by a nice lady with a ladder.

did you read cloud atlas?

i did, and when i heard it was going to be a movie, i had no idea how anyone would pull that off. if this trailer is any indication, it's going to be quite a feat. that is some cast. should be interesting, if nothing else.

i'm also glad m83 is in the mix.

weekend forecast?

vampire cloud attack.

what is holmes doing?

trying to punch his new baby sister in the face. 

neely had that baby three weeks ago, y'all. can you believe that? she says she's on a strict diet of making up for nine months of alcohol-less-ness.

jerk continues to be a jerk

that being said, the vols should get some kitties whilst the kitty getting is good.

and it sounds like they are.

36 days.
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