05 August 2011

this is why i will never eat an octopus salad (again).

i can't set this video up any better than gawker's maureen o'connor did, so i'll just quote her directly:
Warning: The above video is a graphic squid snuff film. It made me scream out loud.
 A video of a squid coming back to life in a bowl of food recently went viral. (Below.) Apparently the salt in soy sauce can activate a freshly killed squid's nerves and muscles, thereby making them "dance" and "occupy my nightmares forever." (via)


i havent been keeping up with my SYTYCD this year, but the internet just showed me this routine set to beirut.

this is real good.

who knew a story about patents could be so riveting?

tennessee all up in the met.

some dude that works at the met talks about all the things in the museum that remind him of his home state of tennessee.

speaking of the met, look at this real-time photo DJV took of the line outside, heading into the last weekend of the alexander mcqueen exhibit, savage beauty
i went last week, and thought it was 11 biscuits!

29 DAYS.

sports illustrated has a short feature on tennessee running back and lane kiffin hater, tauren poole:
FOR ALL THE BRIDGES LANE KIFFIN TORCHED ON HIS WAY OUT OF KNOXVILLE, THE Tennessee faithful can be thankful for a blaze he ignited before he left town, one in the heart of running back Tauren Poole. It seems far away now, some 20 months and 1,000-plus yards later, but in November 2009 Poole was an afterthought on Kiffin's lone Volunteers team, a sophomore with 32 carries in two years. So when the coach approached Poole in the waning minutes of a Nov. 7 laugher against Memphis, telling him to enter the game, the fourth-stringer's answer was surprising. "No," Poole said, the menial serving of playing-time scraps insulting him as much as none at all. "I'm good." (via)

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