07 December 2011



that's the nickname of tennessee's latest recruit, alton howard. he turned down lane kiffin, georgia, alabama, and pretty much everyone else, to come play for the 2012-2013 national champions.


Bear and fox in the snow...

By Alexis Bittar...

with the lips that are falling off.

i've been to that dog park!

the 10 days of my birthday zooventure

yesterday, you met some bears! today....

please welcome.... a rEd PaNdA!!!!!

i have been waiting my entire life to look one of these things in the eye.

this is how they walk:

the only reason i hope that it blizzards on saturday:

you guys have got to be fucking kidding me with that.

don't close the door....

to your heart.

here's one of the actual bronx zoo ones. you will not. believe... what happens at 0:20.


goddamnit i can't wait.

new miike snow!




thx rachel.

2Pz 2011 faves : kylie's top 10 albums

well it's december, so... time to roll out some of our end-of-the-year-favorites lists. i'm going to start us off by listing my top 10 favorite albums (+ favorite track). ready?!?!

10. twin sister - in heaven

9. architecture in helsinki - moment bends

"contact high"

8. beyonce - 4

"i care"

7. the antlers - burst apart

"i don't want love

6. m83 - hurry up, we're dreaming

"midnight city"

5. st. vincent - strange mercy


4. drake - take care

"take care" (feat. rihanna)

3. bon iver - bon iver


2. the weeknd - house of balloons

"high for this"

1. pj harvey - let england shake

"the words that maketh murder"

honorable mentions:
the drums - portamento
jay-z + kanye west - watch the throne
blood orange - coastal grooves
jamie woon - mirrorwriting
the rapture - in the grace of your love

on friday, i'll give you my "top 25 songs of 2011" spotify playlist. rest up.

tell me your favorites in the comments, plz!


if you like it on facebook, you can watch a funny sketch about how everyone thinks they're a DJ. if they get enough likes, they're going to unlock another video. and so on.

new season starts january 6!


nymag recap

richard lawson recap

this show might be the most entertaining / worst show on television right now.

nErD aLeRt!

a TED talk by ben kacyra , who presents 3D scanning technology that can "digitally preserve" historic architecture.

more selena gomez

because you're worth it.

bestie x bestie : da'rick and justin

press play and read this adorable twitter convo and you will have the same 5 minutes that i had this morning.

 A Kid Named Scott
I wanna fall asleep but it looks like it's not gonna happen hmu

 Darick Rogers

 A Kid Named Scott 
What's good 

 Darick Rogers
 what u up there doin

 A Kid Named Scott 
Layin in bed lookin like a fool 

 Darick Rogers
 me too bruh

 Darick Rogers

 A Kid Named Scott
Why the HELL you ain't sleeping n you kno it's past yo bed time

 Darick Rogers
 well i was supposed to do something but i fell asleep on it as usual and now im up bruh . btw late night meals add weight .

 A Kid Named Scott
I feel u I wish I could put on that extra weight at night  

 Darick Rogers
 bruh wake Rajion up

 A Kid Named Scott
Lol yea right that boy dead ro the world b plus he got this exam tmw . But wyd u doin tmw anyway 

 Darick Rogers
 nah im good until Thursday, i got two exam why wasup

 A Kid Named Scott
Oh n nothin I just be bored as ever 

 Darick Rogers
 sleep fool .. prepare for a nwo ha

love you two! this reminds me. i learned a new twitter abbrev y'all should all know: #VFL

remember this

ivon padilla-rodriguez speaks the truth, "dr pepper is seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me."
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