15 October 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

y'all have seen this, right?

the world's largest house:
mumbai, india

 $1 billion dollars
27 stories
3 helipads
parking garage for 160 cars

completely ridiculous. brought to you by the good people of perkins + will, and some other no name firm.

thx jtp!

meet the breeds

zomg there's some kind of puppy and kitty fair happening at the javitz this weekend!!  i am so excited i can't even calm down enough to gather the information regarding attending such an event!
ok i've calmed down. a little.

meet the breeds takes place on saturday and sunday. there's a cat fashion show on saturday. you can get tickets here. im available sunday. do you want to go?

these are paintings.

for real.

fleetwood mac friday!!

obscure tracks edition.

fleetwood mac - that's alright
a little country ditty written and performed by stevie nicks in the year of my birth.
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