21 December 2010

zomg YES plz!


tracy morgan had a kidney translant?

Expect a huge void on TGS in March: EW has learned exclusively that Tracy Morgan — aka Tracy Jordan, the star of the show within the show, 30 Rock – will miss at least two episodes of the NBC comedy because he’s recovering from surgery. The comedian underwent a kidney transplant on or around Dec. 10 and though the surgery was successful — he was seen at a Knicks game on Friday – the writers are giving him plenty of time to recover.

In 1996, Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. He told Time last year that during the first season of 30 Rock, he didn’t take the disease seriously. “Then one day I got really sick,” the actor said. “The doctor was like, `Hey, listen, we may have to take your foot.’ That was it for me. Now I take my insulin every day. My blood sugar doesn’t get over 120.”

did you see it?

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