19 April 2013

nothing to see here. just a sloth in love with a cat.


forgot about dre


in other news, yesterday i was listening to radiolab and they were talking about this time that a guy took some closeup pictures of a leopard seal


i was listening to a gross story on radiolab and i googled "botfly" and now i will never be happy again

don't google it

music minute with ms. dangles

hey everyone, Cassie is back! Yes that's right, the Me & U singer dropped a new mixtape earlier this month in advance of a new upcoming album. Ms. Dangles told me I should listen to it because he knows I have a softspot for turn of the century R&B. I downloaded and I've listened twice and now you should too. work! work! work! work!

this boston bombing story just keeps getting weirder

today, while law enforcement tracks down the bomber that they havn't killed yet, this story comes out about a guy who was waiting for his girlfriend to finish the race and was able to indentify the bombers.
Bauman was the first person in surgery at Boston Medical Center. “He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, ‘bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,’” said Chris Bauman, his brother. While the FBI won't comment on specific tips, Chris Bauman says Jeff met with FBI agents while he was still in intensive care and gave them a detailed description of the suspect.

that is him in the wheelchair up there. the guy in the cowboy hat was a volunteer first responder. the wheelchair guy ended up losing both of his legs. gulp.
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