27 February 2011



getting ready for the oscars tonight

james franco is sleeping with kitties.

America's Next Top 2Pz Blog Shot!

While America decides the fate of Bun-Bun (vote in the poll if you dare), we would like to announce a new internet reality competition to find our next star correspondent.

You know that old saying, "I'm tired of living next to the garden of eden, I want to live in it." Well here is your chance! 2PzNaPpod is about to host the biggest internet contest ever imagined. Best Rihanna Praise, Most Elaborate Use of Metaphor, Best Brunch Pictures, The Thomas Wilhelm Crude Humor Award; through a short series of blogging challenges, the best of the best will be divined and losers will be cast off.

If you or someone you know wants to write on the best blog that reads itself, email 2PzNaPpod@gmail.com and we will activate your posting privileges in advance of a series of zany challenges. Readers will decide your fate and only one will be, America's Next Top 2Pz Blog Shot!

where babies belong

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