04 July 2012

that's what it's like

the times has an article about the problems at mccarren park pool.

But within days, that excitement has been replaced by apprehension. Two fights at the pool and a handful of arrests confirmed the fears of some residents that the giant pool, with a capacity of 1,500, might draw an unruly crowd to a neighborhood divided among older residents of Italian and Polish descent, gentrifying newcomers and Hispanic families.

Inside the pool on Friday, teenagers scuffled with a lifeguard who had ordered them to stop doing back flips and the pool closed an hour early. On Monday, two police officers were injured by swimmers who also persisted in doing backflips. Three men were arrested and charged with assault in the second degree, inciting to riot, criminal nuisance and menacing.

and the problems aren't just inside the pool.  

Meredith Chesney, owner of Mousey Brown beauty salon near the pool, said she came out Saturday morning to discover three new tags on her roll-down security gate.
“I thought, ‘O.K., it’s Brooklyn, it’s not that surprising,’ ” she said. “But then, 30 minutes later, I went outside to water my plants and I found someone had defecated right in front of the salon. It’s shocking.”
 hey brooklyn, stop shitting on the sidewalk.

that's a little sad

new sec school texas a&m released this pathetic "welcome video" you are gonna get trounced, aggies.
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