21 July 2011

nErD aLeRt!

herzog & de meuron design for a new stadium in bordeaux. i like it mostly, but i also think it looks like a clinique counter.

thx bun-bun!

more surbway fighting!

you can BEAR-ly see it, but when these classy ladies get to scrappin', the baby in the stroller rolls right out of the open subway doors. real rude, bitch!

thx john + liz!

jay-z + kanye west : otis

click here to listen to "otis", from their highly anticipated and mysterious upcoming collaborative album, watch the throne, now rumored to come out on august 1.

i don't really like it. (UPDATE: i like it pretty well after a couple more listens.)

i do like this:

i'm sorry, but...

...these leopard photos are crackin my shit up!
it's right behind me.

...isn't it?

space shuttles : OVER.

well, they are!

too hot for chips.

well, hotpocalypse is in full swing. today's forecast includes a high of 97, with a feels-like 105. that's degrees. farenheit. we've also got an "excessive heat warning", which i read is only issued for very extreme combinations of heat and humidity.

now, i know what you southerners are thinking. "that's not so bad. y'all are a bunch of babies. it's worse here." but let me tell you about a little something called an "air quality warning." we've got one of those going, too. i don't know what it means in science terms, but i do know that this morning the entire city smelled like one gigantic, garbage-y queef. i sidestepped a pile of vomit on my way to work, which sparked a lengthy chicken-and-egg debate inside my head.

all of that being said, i'd like to pass along this article featuring the city's best frozen treat offerings. if you can bear to be outside over the next few days, maybe you can check out these spots for some relief.
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