15 September 2010

ugly vegas carpet

real pictures of las vegas carpets.

they almost convinced me.

if you have 10 minutes to kill, you should take a gander at this.

what is kismet doing?

i fed kismet a piece of my lunch popcorn and well, i guess he got a taste for it. i hadnt seen him around in a while so i went looking. he had gotten into the trash and pulled out just the popcorn bag and he took it into his bedroom and was secretly licking it. bad boy.


oh hey cristiano

turns out he does a little more acting that previously discussed.

this just gave me 18 heart attacks at my desk.


snuffles wednesday!

sufjan stevens - majesty snowbird

hey, check out this road.

just kidding. it's not a road. it's a waterway in louisiana. its surface is just covered in dead sea animals. SICK!

nErD aLeRt!

reference desk made of books, architecture library at delft university of technology. in the netherlands, of course.

i want that.

snuffles wednesday!

sufjan stevens - the upper peninsula

backwards wednesday!

upside down wednesday...
actually i'm just gonna animal-bomb the fuck out of you....get ready....
black nose, white toes.
oh hey guys. what ARE you?
is it winter yet?



finally, an explanation.

on saturday, aka september 11th....gulp. we were up on my roof checkin' out the ol' towers of light, when we noticed that something was happening in the beams. they appeared to have been glitter bombed. both light shafts from the ground up to where they terminated into the low clouds were full of little specks moving in the light. from our vantage point in brooklyn, it was hard to gauge the scale of the objects, and they did look sparkly, so we just assumed they had shot some confetti off or something, during the 9/11 party tribute down at ground zero.

anyway, i've been scouring the internet ever since looking for an explanation, and gawker just gave it to me:

They were thousands of birds, trapped into the beams, confused by the intense light while trying to go over New York City, en route to warmer climates. The birds saw the intense light from the distance and, lacking any other navigational reference in the sky, they went into it.
According to John Rowden, citizen science director at the Audubon Society's New York chapter, "it has only happened once before. It's a confluence of circumstances that come together to cause this. Some of it has to do with meteorological conditions, and some with the phase of the moon."
About 10,000 birds were estimated to enter the beams, wasting time and energy that now can't be used in their migratory trip. From the ground, people were surprised and confused by the display. Nobody could tell what the swarm of glowing points were. Ornithology experts recorded the bird voices, as they called in the middle of the night.
To liberate the birds, the NYC authorities had to turn off the beams five times over the night. By dawn, on September 12, all the birds were gone, on their way to their winter promised land. (via)

it was BIRDS!! ten THOUSand of them!

snuffles wednesday!

sufjan stevens - jacksonville

"guess he can sit on his new girlfriend's couch."

this crazy lady in nashville is selling all her boyfriend's (or her?) shit on craigslist, including a couch with "reclining foot rests all the way across", because she found his match.com profile. ctm.

thx melissa!

this is making my day.

guess who found the mp3 of the kat dansar song!! now you can have it on your ipod!! check out the swedish band, fulkultur's myspace for more awesome songs.

fulkultur - fuldans
right click and save.


if you are in need of a desk party for one, click this.

i found it over on carly googz. stepp rulla is my fave right now. what's yours?
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