29 August 2014

2 days!

let's take a little morning hype break.

matthew crawley broke bad

this looks so bad. so, so bad. but dan stevens looks good. oh by the way did you know that we dated for a little while?

yeah, those other two girls were just trying to sneak in my pic, but this was me visiting him after his Broadway show The Heiress. I put my arm around that other girl just to be accommodating.

no more hot chicken biscuit

i went to get breakfast at the world famous church fil a, and they told me that they didn't sell it anymore. 


28 August 2014

why you wanna get another baby?

from gawker. this little boy has it right. too many damn babies!

if you ever wanted a japanese chef to show you how to eat sushi properly


this is the best thing you will see on the internet today.

that's a promise.

3 days!!

let's take an afternoon hype break.

oh dear.

The comedienne Joan Rivers is at Mount Sinai Hospital now, according to TMZ, which adds that she's currently in critical condition.
TMZ hears that she "was rushed to a hospital... after she stopped breathing during a surgery on her throat ... TMZ has learned. We're told Rivers was undergoing the throat procedure in a clinic (specifically on her vocal chords) ... when she stopped breathing during the surgery." Apparently the 911 call made at 9:39 a.m. recorded someone saying, "We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest." (via)
UPDATE! she's been upgraded to stable condition. omgthankgoodness.


thx daddy longfingerz!

90s broadway #tbt

This runs a little long, but can we please talk about 90s Nathan Lane, and how he kinda sorta has a little Ms. Danglez fashion sensibility happening? Also, I love this song. I just do.

27 August 2014

hump day for you...FRIDAY for me!

for your viewing/listening pleasure...via some random person on facebook

4 days!

let's take a little afternoon hype break.

i knew i was justified in not liking that stupid game.

i've always been put off by cards against humanity. the somewhat disturbing themes that inevitably emerge are one thing, but mostly i find that it tends to reward a pretty low-hanging-fruit brand of humor. and now i've learned that the creator is some kinda rapist or something! so....BOYCOTT!

that's pretty.

just came across the vinyl design for the new rentals album. i think it's real nice.

25 August 2014

what brunch in murray hill is like


fave part is that one soberer friend's cab-hailing stance at 1:09.

did you see Beyonce on the VMAs last night?

US Open begins today in hot and sunny Queens, NY

was she thinking about janet jackson in this moment?

you can see the fear in her eyes.


featuring some cool weirdoes talking about the coolest weirdo.

the shade of it all

Vulture.com animated GIF

she's still jenny from the block.

the most wonderful time of the year

we're 3 days away from the first day of college football season, 5 days away from the first football saturday and 6 days away from the vols season opener, because they are inexplicably playing on a sunday night.

so, it's time to decorate your work computers for all your co-workers to enjoy! here are some ideas (click2enlarge):

oh, and if you're a georgia fan, you could use this.


...or, bearenting. (you're welcome) click on this.

thx margauxxx!

what a cute perverted squirrel.

thx phil!

22 August 2014

when it is 5:11pm and i want to go home on friday

i would watch eva green read the phone book

Best Pool Party Ever?!?!

how will you spend your 2nd to last summer friday?

welp, for the shut-in loner types, you can jump in midstream of all the simpsons episodes ever playing back to back for something like 12 straight days on fxx. 

21 August 2014

independence day clouds in st. louis

st. louis is thirsty for news

your fortnightly boat

OMF WILL YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT CARGO!!!???!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
A cargo ship run by Danish shipping and oil conglomerate AP Moeller Maersk has set the world record by hauling 17,603 containers, World Maritime news reports.
The Maersk Triple-E, the world's largest ship, set the mark on July 21 when it left Algeciras, Spain, on its way to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. The Triple-E has a full potential capacity of 18,270 20-foot equivalent units (TEU). (via)
thx joel for tabbing this for me.

john oliver on ferguson

finally got around to watching this. highly recommend.

lazy pig and baby goat dance routine

SYTYCD round-up!

you guys, last night there was only 6 dancers left, and now four will compete in the finale next week: contemporary jessica, tapper valerie, contemporary ricky, and tapper zack! that's right, two tappers! read a full recap here.

basically every number last night was impressive, here are the must-watches:

if you don't watch any other videos, watch this incredible tokyo-club-scene-inspired piece by jessica and all-star ade.

casey (who was eliminated) and all-star makenzie in a beautiful contemporary routine.

valerie and all-star twitch, doing a hip-hop "wedding dance" to usher's "yeah".

you can watch any or all of 'em here.

lauryn hill - black rage

she's been performing this for two years, but recently dedicated it to #ferguson

20 August 2014

mtv's first listen for ariana grande's new album

what does this mean...

...with regard to that taylor swift video and its controversy?

i'm not touching that question.

the dogbrella

why are you down there

19 August 2014

12 days!

today, we are blessed with a 2014 season preview from ESPN.
Breakout player: Most of the preseason drama at Tennessee revolved around the quarterback race, but Jones ended that last week when he named Worley the starter. Had he not injured his thumb and missed the remainder of the season a year ago, the Vols probably would have gone to a bowl game. He's been put in some tough positions during his career, including being thrown to the wolves as a true freshman before he was ready. But he's persevered. His arm has gotten stronger. He's healthy now, and he also has more playmakers around him this season. Nobody's pushing him for the Heisman Trophy or even All-SEC honors, but here's betting Worley has a very solid senior season after throwing more interceptions (13) than touchdown passes (11) in his previous three seasons.
Most important game: We'll cheat and go 1A (Florida on Oct. 4) and 1B (Missouri on Nov. 22). Both games are at home, and both will go a long way toward determining whether or not the Vols can make it to the postseason. They've lost nine in a row to Florida, so ending that drought would be a big step in the right direction for Jones and the program. The Missouri game is sandwiched between a home game with Kentucky and the regular-season finale at Vanderbilt. It could be that the Vols have to win all three to go bowling.

also important to know, the SEC network is dedicating much of it's airtime tonight and tomorrow to the vols. here is the schedule:
Tuesday, Aug. 19
8 p.m. - 2014 Tennessee Football Preview
9 p.m. - SEC Storied: The Color Orange, The Condredge Holloway Story
11 p.m. - 2014 Tennessee Football Preview
Wednesday, Aug. 20
12 a.m. - Nine For IX: Pat XO
1 a.m. - 2004 Football: Tennessee vs. Florida
3 a.m. - 2005 Football: Tennessee at LSU
5:30 a.m. - 2013 Football Tennessee vs. South Carolina
12 p.m. - 2007 Football: Tennessee at Kentucky
2 p.m. - 2014 Tennessee Football Preview
now, if one of the hundreds of you that are using my netflix / hbogo / hulu logins has access to the SEC network on your cable, kindly email me with your username / password so that i might enjoy this on my roku. plz and thx.

my initials mean drugs?

this is a new song called "KK" from wiz khalifa featuring juicy j and project pat! i don't understand it, but i accept it.

UPDATE: i figured it out, it stands for "khalifa kush".

tuesday at 2:29pm

seems spot on to me.

two important take aways from the ice bucket challenge

1) ice bucket challenge fails
2) shirtless ice bucket challenges

youtube classixxx

never forget.

upon revisiting this, i noticed that the "trouble boy" in this video is the guy who plays dorian gray in penny dreadful. jicyww.

puppy needs longer arms

Ebola in town. Don't touch your friend!

this is an ebola awareness song by some West African musicians. catchy.

taylor swift - shake it off

i don't hate the song but i do hate the video.

UPDATE: i don't just not hate this song. i love this song.

18 August 2014


everyone is proud of charlotte today. LOVE YOU STRSTLKER :-)

13 days!

the vols hosted an open practice session in neyland stadium on saturday, and 40,000 fans showed up!
i don't know what that person's talking about, i've never heard anyone say a bad word about a vol fan in all my life.

in related news, the AP preseason rankings were released over the weekend, and there are some compelling statistics regarding #SECdominance. 8 of 14 SEC teams are in the top 25, and tennessee has to play six top-25 teams in our 12-game season. kinda makes me just wanna lay down.

here's a summary including only the teams you might care about:
1 florida state (whom?)
2 alabama (never heard of her)
4 oklahoma (the vols face them on #10AICC day, gulp.)
6 auburn
9 south carolina
12 georgia (that shouldn't last long)
13 LS-poo
18 ole piss
21 texas a&m
24 misery
noticeably / inexplicably absent from the list are the tennessee volunteers. #brickbybrick #risetothetop #2015nationalchampions

what did i watch on netflix this weekend?

i watched the new netflix documentary from the director of the cove, called mission blue. it tells the life story of marine biologist and ocean-rights activist, dr. sylvia earle, aka my new fave #HBIC. and it's not just a history, she's also got a plan for saving us all. one (not real) word: hopespots.

i give it 11 biscuits!

the next doc i'm planning to watch is a paleontology thriller called dinosaur 13. it's in theaters right now, but it's also available on amazon prime and ondemand. let me know if you want to come over and watch with me.

the only ice bucket challenge video that hasn't made me want to die.

if you look at the post itself, she tags all those old guys with @'s, and none of them go anywhere legitimate.


Rafael Nadal announced Monday that he will not be competing in the U.S. Open this year in order to recover from a wrist injury. (via)

14 August 2014

Daphne Guiness (millionaire beer heiress) and David LaChapelle (video/ photo artist with queer sensibility) have teamed up for the first music video from her soon to be released first album

SHOWstudio: Evening In Space - Daphne Guinness / David LaChapelle / Tony Visconti from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.

i see you


if you forgot to get me a birthday present...

markus moestue travels norway on a self-built dinosaur bike
this'll do


an internet GIFt

thx longfingers!

how the sausage is made

17 days!

World's Smallest Woman joins AHS: Freak Show cast

View image on Twitter

Also, how the hell does Jessica Lange's face stay so pretty? My guess is Botox.

13 August 2014

asians are the best

that is all.

and working on a new album...

stars - from the night

here's a dance-y little number from your favorite band from 2007. it's the first thing of theirs i've liked in a while. maybe the new album will be something!

EVE!!! We are going to Greenwich Village! (Lauren Bacall - "But Alive" - Applause)

just sit back and let ariana grande entertain you

holler design gets a DNJ feature!

that's murfreesboro's own daily news journal.

LASCASSAS – Located on a winding country lane in the pastoral Lascassas, Tennessee, Matt Alexander creates furniture inspired by Southern tradition with a modern simplicity from the land his family has farmed for the past century.
He also incorporates his family's history into every piece he creates at HollerDesign.
Each HollerD piece is handcrafted from lumber harvested from downed, dead or falling trees on his family's old dairy farm.
"We use a little bit of everything," Alexander said about his lumber choices. (via)

long read on the east nashville scene

from NPR's ann powers:
"East Nashville — it was already a worn out phrase when I came here," said the producer and recording studio owner Andrija Tokic, who moved to the area a decade ago, when he was 21. "To me it would be impossible to say what East Nashville is now. It used to be that I could go to any bar, and I would know everyone there, and everybody knew what everybody else was doing. Now, claims the name "East Nashville" for whatever their niche project is."
To an outsider, Tokic may seem to overexaggerate. East Nashville isn't Brooklyn yet; it's not even Seattle. And Nashville remains known for country music, which has never been hotter, commercially. But East Nashville now is at the peak of the classic creative-class arc: A new generation of music- and other makers has built a lifestyle vibrant enough to be irresistible to outsiders, including wealthy locals and newcomers from other cities, whose presence makes it both more profitable to some, and unsustainable for others. (via)

12 August 2014

evan berry just wants to lay down

this WOMAN is your new GSAPP dean

Amale Andraos, principal of New York–based architecture firm WORKac, has been named dean of Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAPP), succeeding Mark Wigley. Currently on faculty at GSAPP, she has also taught at Princeton, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, and the American University in Beirut. (via)
thx emilube!

peter eisenmann used to call shigeru ban sugar bear

that story and more in this new yorker article

that'll do, pig.

i didn't even know pig howard was in trouble, but i'm relieved to hear he returned to footvol practice this week.

19 days? is that possible? omg so excited.

dj mustard - 10 summers

2Pz fave and summer-song-maker DJ mustard just released his album for free (though only on google play for now). get it here.

what a treat



casting update, American Horror Story Freak Show

Patti LaBelle is cast to play Precious' mother and local townsperson who "begins to unravel the murderous secrets of Twisty the clown killer."

what is your favorite robin williams movie?

i love the birdcage. nathan lane is a scene stealer, but robin williams' performance is the backbone of the movie.

i have a second favorite that i almost picked and i hope someone picks it.

11 August 2014

a 10 minute budweiser documentary about memphis music

we don't just watch tv shows not to tell anyone about it.

this weekend i watched three new television shows, if you can believe that.

firstly, would you like to watch maggie gyllenhaal in a british spy thriller centered on the israeli-palestine conflict? of course you would!!! i watched the first two eps of this 8-part miniseries called "the honourable woman", which is currently airing on the sundance channel, and i literally can not wait for it to be thursday so i can watch another one. if you don't have cable, you should buy them on amazon prime. if you don't have amazon prime, then i'm not sure how you are getting your ahhqua bars and pineapplepiecers and fanny packs in a timely manner this summer.

next, while i was waiting in a pretty long line to see st. vincent on saturday, i listened to the latest episode of julie klausner's podcast, wherein she interviewed david rees. he has a new show called "going deep" on natgeo. i liked the concept of his tv show, which is basically to launch fairly in-depth inquiries into fairly mundane topics. i saw myself in it. he's a funny guy and it's a funny show, and i recommend trying it out when you've run out of everything else to watch. it's on hulu.

and finally, i watched the premiere of "the knick", which is a steam-punk turn-of-the-century grey's anatomy starring clive owen! also, it's directed and produced by steven soderberg. i thought it was pretty weird but i'm definitely not going to stop watching or anything. it's on cinemax, but hbo owns them now so you can watch in on hbogo, ok?

did you / do you watch any of these things? what did you think? tell me everything.

i have some great news.

if you're like me, you've spent the last couple of weeks wondering "whatever happened to rene russo? she must've passed away." well, guess what. she's got a new movie coming out, with jakey gyllenhaal!

on a related note: i watched outbreak yesterday and can report that it's a timeless classic. just like "what about bob?". we also decided to make it a theme night, and watched the andromeda strain. that movie is delightfully bonkers. 11 biscuits all around!

jenny lewis on tv

Jenny Lewis stopped by "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to perform two tracks from her latest album, The Voyager. In addition to doing "She's Not Me" and "Just One of the Guys", she did a brief interview segment about being scared to release the album, her experience as a child actor, and her struggles with insomnia. (via)

08 August 2014

keekerz speakerz

i heard this song while waiting in line in an LIC coffee shop this morning and it just raised my spirits right up. i also thought it was new spoon for a few seconds.

fridayz with flim - joel edition

faith has been at beach house in new jersey all week, but she will be back soon. i know that she would agree that this is how we feel on friday when the work week is almost over and you dont have to see those assholes you work with for two whole days.

somewhere in the world, this baby sloth yawns



07 August 2014

oh now i get it.

watch this helpful map explainer of the history of the israel-palestine conflict.

06 August 2014

i wonder what Mr.CoachV would say about this

bears walking upright in new jersey

adia victoria - stuck in the south

joel, i recommend this to you personally.

she's an up and coming nashville kween, and she's very mysterious on the internet so that's all i know about her.

nashville folks, she's playing with those darlins at 3rd + lindsley on the 17th, and i would go if i lived where you do.

check out this BOOTS song featuring Beyonce; this guy is the writer/ producer all over her most recent album

NeRd aLeRt!!!

Ummmm, have you heard about this fancy new Walmart (with neighboring Publix and retail center) that is about to open up next door to The University of Tennessee campus? Part of a new old-looking development called University Crossing. You might remember the actual-old industrial plant called Fulton Bellows that operated on that site until 2005. At least all those students aren't going to have to drive to Turkey Creek anymore.

nErD aLeRt!

aspen art museum, by shigeru ban.

thx emilube!

trend alert : harper lee

did you guys watch last nights RHoNYC reunion (part 2)?

harper lee was discussed.

oooooooh gurrrlllll

this is a rap song by jay-z's alleged mistress. talkin all kinds a trash. read this analysis.

renzo piano gives a good interview about architecture and responding to criticism

in metropolis

PC: Some people have said that the northern façade is not looking as exciting at it could be, that it does not make a enough of a gesture towards the city. How do you respond to that?

RP: First, we have to wait and see, the building is not ready yet, of course. A building like this is like a meteorite, but a gentle one. It does not destroy anything—actually it uplifts. But it lands, and it is something new there. People should wait for the building to be finished and see.

apparently the internet told me 3 times to post this...

so here it is...

04 August 2014

this is how it begins.

i'll be quarantining myself in my living room and watching outbreak on repeat, if anyone wants to join.

beyonce stuff

i'm sure by now you've all heard the "flawless" remix bey dropped this weekend.

and did you see her latest HBO clip? it made me blush2myself.

01 August 2014

keekerz speakerz

if you like valerie june, you might like frazey ford. currently on repeat.

new album out october 14.