24 March 2014

march madness fun factz : SEC dominance edition

In many ways, Tennessee's emergence has run parallel to the Wildcats'. Like Kentucky, the Volunteers were always obviously talented. Like Kentucky, Tennessee's advanced analytics revealed a team far better than its record suggested. Like Kentucky, which beat Louisville on its own floor in December, the Vols' 35-point win over Virginia gave fans a result to point to and say, see? Like Kentucky, UT spent most of the SEC season underwhelming -- being swept by Texas A&M, losing to Vanderbilt, getting overrun on defense at Missouri -- before flipping some kind of switch in the final weeks.
The result for the SEC, combined with Florida's wins, is a 7-0 SEC record in the NCAA tournament. It's the first conference to go 7-0 or better in the NCAA tournament entering the Sweet 16 since the Big East went 8-0 in 2003, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The last time the SEC went 7-0 or better in the NCAA tournament entering the Sweet 16 was 1996, when Kentucky won the national title.
That was the dominant discussion late in the day Sunday -- how the lowly SEC had redeemed itself in the NCAA tournament. Some even went so far as to claim the SEC had been unfairly maligned, that the tournament revealed a league far stronger than anyone previously realized. (via)
turns out, we can haz basketball too.

is Milk the handsomest Drag Race contestant ever?

lady gaga released this epic music video this past weekend

starring the real housewives of beverly hills and andy cohen. srsly.

great news!

swiperboy has #blessed us with a basketvols jam!

the new X-Men time travel movie trailer

radio jamz - "#SELFIE"

i was in a car this weekend so i wanted to share with you the newest thing on the radio.


I know everyone was worried but I'm back and hopefully smarter (minus those extra brain cells I left at the bar on Saturday night). And this post is for Joel...

re: 2ooPz HooPz, i'm killin' you hoes

hate it or love it, cause you broke hoes gonna talk
i can go in any club and shut that bitch down
i can come in yo city and make it my town
so when you see me, ho you better smile and don't frown
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