20 October 2011

lookin' good!

2Pz reader sara jane has submitted a candid photo of herself throwin' up the VOL-face at mile 10 of her recent half-marathon.

it also looks like she managed to keep any and all suckeye paraphernalia off her body for this run.

did you win, sj?

blog sneak attack, SNEAK ATTACK

So I went online to find an image of "benny's burritos bulldog" because I was going to blog sneak attack kylie:

kylie:  i have never had a bulldog
i dont care for the name

which i thought was funny. So i google image searched "benny's burritos bulldog" and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!

IT'S MARLEY! Hey Marley!

I was blog sneak attacked, by the internet!


There is now a graphic image of a pile of dead exotic animals after the jump.

chairlift : sidewalk safari

love ya, hillz.

look at hillary and hamid karzai sharing a chuckle over herman cain's ignorance. ceeeeeYUTE!

thx john!


john's helpful tips for rachel, regarding her halloween costume.

just-in time for halloween

jicydak, biebs is treating us to a christmas album this year. it sounds like his voice is changing, too. he sounds great.

here's the tracklist:
1. “Only Thing I Ever Get for Christmas”
2. “Mistletoe”
3. “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)” feat. Usher
4. “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”
5. “Fa La La” feat. Boyz II Men
6. “Christmas Love”
7. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” Duet with Mariah Carey
8. “Drummer Boy” feat. Busta Rhymes
9. “All I Want Is You”
10. “Fa La La (acapella)” feat. Boyz II Men
11. “Christmas Eve”
12. “Home This Christmas” feat. The Band Perry
13. “Silent Night”
14. “Pray”
15. “Someday at Christmas”


"that bear has a cute shape"- keeks

\ thanks for the bear video melissa. how did you know i like animal videos (especially bears) ?

RIP muammar qaddafi

Nine months after Libya's rebellion began, Muammar Qaddafi was captured, wounded, and then died from his injuries as he tried to flee his hometown of Sirte today, an official from the country's National Transitional Council told Reuters. The former Libyan dictator was in a convoy that was attacked by NATO warplanes, and suffered wounds to the head and both legs, according to National Transitional Council official Abdel Majid Mlegta. In addition to Qaddafi, the strike took the life of Abu Bakr Younus Jabr, the head of the ex-leader's armed forces. (via)

f*** disney world.

i wanna go to chattaNOOGa!

thx ashley.

speaking of pangins...

The Taurunga oil spill off the coast of New Zealand unleashed 2,500 barrels of heavy fuel into a fragile ecosystem, coating thousands of local seabirds in oil. This puts many of them — particularly the mind-meltingly adorable Little Blue Penguin — at serious risk of freezing and/or being poisoned to death.
A call put out by Grist.org asks for the world to send in penguin sweaters, which will keep them warm and prevent them from preening and swallowing the toxic oil on their feathers until workers can remove it. A decade ago, a similar incident in the region asked for "penguin jumpers," and many Little Blues have already been outfitted from whatever stockpiles were left over.
thx john!

penguins are sneaky cute


daily ri ri

Rihanna on WhoSay dirty new music video. still love this song.
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