15 March 2012

it IS intentional


starla sent me this

orphans and orangutang backpacks

saw this at the AMNH Imax theater today. 11 BISCUITS!

the tragic story of the earless german bunny

did you read the one about the little bunny in germany that became an overnight sensation after he was born without ears? While he was being photographed, a dumb photographer stepped on him and killed him.

Thomas Wilhelm said, "I wonder if he didn't hear the cameraman coming." ctm.

HBO : horse murderers.

In a sudden and surprising decision, HBO has decided to permanently end production on the horse-racing drama Luck after a third horse had to be euthanized as a result of an on-set accident. The show, created by production superstars David Milch and Michael Mann and starring Dustin Hoffman as a high-stakes gambler, had two horses die during the filming of the first season while a third had to be put down on Tuesday. A HBO statement said, in part, "accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won’t in the future." (via)

are you excited about missy elliot's comeback?

watch this J.Cole video where she makes a guest appearance and remember what youre missing without missy.

chanel's little black jacket

via To further celebrate the iconic black jacket, which Lagerfeld calls “one of the symbols that defines the style of Chanel,” Chanel made a little video that reveals each stage of its creation, from a sketch by Lagerfeld to the beautiful and expensive finished product

the oldest news on the internet.

i just got around to reading greg smith's new york times op-ed piece, in which he outlines all the ways goldman sachs has transformed into a corrupt corporation, intent on profit-making above clients' interests. wanna see?
These days, the most common question I get from junior analysts about derivatives is, “How much money did we make off the client?” It bothers me every time I hear it, because it is a clear reflection of what they are observing from their leaders about the way they should behave. Now project 10 years into the future: You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the junior analyst sitting quietly in the corner of the room hearing about “muppets,” “ripping eyeballs out” and “getting paid” doesn’t exactly turn into a model citizen.
I hope this can be a wake-up call to the board of directors. Make the client the focal point of your business again. Without clients you will not make money. In fact, you will not exist. Weed out the morally bankrupt people, no matter how much money they make for the firm. And get the culture right again, so people want to work here for the right reasons. People who care only about making money will not sustain this firm — or the trust of its clients — for very much longer.
it is being reported today that goldman sachs' market value is down 2.15 billion dollhairs.

what's for lunch?????

it's surprise st. patty's day thursday in new jersey. kind of gross but i'm going to eat it anyway!!

Never Forget!

I just found out that I share my b-day with JonBenĂ©t Ramsey! August 6th! WoooOOOttT wOOOoooTTt!!!  Mark your calendars!

fiona apple at SXSW performing new music

check it out HERE. sounds like new fiona apple music to me.

obviously, i picked kentucky to win...

...but how can you help rooting for this guy? #heeatsbasketballs



last chance!

don't forget to enter your bracket into starla's charity case pool!!!

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