16 June 2011

matt + kim : block after block


people arent wildin' out actually right now

"i performed last night it was like mainly a hipster crowd. but um, the vibe was crazy because i like to party and, the hipsters love to party and they love me and it was just like a big party"

"ima party tonight all over it"

weinergate : live feed

click here to watch live video of weiner's p-conf, which hasn't started yet.

not me

omg congrats!

2Pz favorite scientist and friend, nsikan, just got a paper purblished! here's the abstract (because we are outside of the paywall), for his contribution in the latest issue of the preeminent publication, the journal of neuroscience:
"Intranasal Delivery of Caspase-9 Inhibitor Reduces Caspase-6-Dependent Axon/Neuron Loss and Improves Neurological Function after Stroke"
by Nsikan Akpan
Despite extensive research to develop an effective neuroprotective strategy for the treatment of ischemic stroke, therapeutic options remain limited. Although caspase-dependent death is thought to play a prominent role in neuronal injury, direct evidence of active initiator caspases in stroke and the functional relevance of this activity have not previously been shown. Using an unbiased caspase-trapping technique in vivo, we isolated active caspase-9 from ischemic rat brain within 1 h of reperfusion. Pathogenic relevance of active caspase-9 was shown by intranasal delivery of a novel cell membrane-penetrating highly specific inhibitor for active caspase-9 at 4 h postreperfusion (hpr). Caspase-9 inhibition provided neurofunctional protection and established caspase-6 as its downstream target. The temporal and spatial pattern of expression demonstrates that neuronal caspase-9 activity induces caspase-6 activation, mediating axonal loss by 12 hpr followed by neuronal death within 24 hpr. Collectively, these results support selective inhibition of these specific caspases as an effective therapeutic strategy for stroke. (via)
i think joel said it best:
"i dont really get it, but im so proud of him."
when asked to comment for this article, nsikan replied:
"brb gotta grab a rodent from the mouse facility"
congrats, nscience! we're so proud!!

me too!!!111

im officially more excited about rye rye than oh land

i just figured out...

...whom anthony weiner has been reminding me of over the past few weeks of terrible photos of him.

did you hear...

...that canadians burned vancouver to the fucking ground last night after the beantown beanbagz crushed the canucks 4-0 in game 7 of the stanley cup finals?
During the rioting at least 10 cars were overturned and set ablaze across the downtown area, and windows were broken and items looted from the Hudson’s Bay Company department store and several other stores in the area.
Officers used pepper spray, tear gas and flash bombs to move thousands of people who had ignored directives to leave immediately.
St. Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver reported treating about 60 people in its emergency room in a two-hour span for pepper spray and tear gas exposure and other injuries.
Ms. Polinsky said St. Paul’s had treated five people with stab wounds and Vancouver General Hospital had treated three for similar wounds. (via)
suck it, canada.

the football player, not the bike

got into a little trouble yesterday had someone use his name and picture without permission. berry supposedly was promoting and hosting a porn party in miami, but i have it in good authority that he was doing media promotions in kansas city.

my friend ashley (think kylie and joel close) is the director of marketing for A3. here is our g chat from yesterday explaining everything:

Ashley: ive been dealing with a porn scandal all day
me: ctm
Ashley: http://www.arrowheadpride.com/2011/6/15/2225207/eric-berry-porn-party-nfl
me: he's an athlete
who cares? so did he go?
Ashley: no he was in KC with me
its just bad pr
me: hahaha
Ashley: it was honestly the exact opposite of a porn party
me: so the book signing alibi is true?
Ashley: yep
he did in studio media all day friday in KC...
me: can you get mentioned by name in a story?
that be great
Ashley: ha we usually quote Chad, but maybe
me: i know, but it should say "eric was with kerns at a media event in kc"
Ashley: ha
me: throw in kerns, director of marketing for a3,
Ashley: ill have him say that it in interviews... i was eating pancakes with Kerns in KC
which is true

there you have it. eric berry and kerns sharing pancakes in kc. nothing scandalous there.

twitter told me anthony wiener is resigning

Becuse he took pictures of his body with his telephone, sent them to ladies not his wife, and lied about it to everyone. via.

rye rye and robyn

here is the official music video. do you think robyn might come to the brooklyn bowl show on friday? i heard she is going to be there. via.

this could be you...

well, by now i'm sure you've all gotten your booze cruise tickets. i mean, what kind of idiot would've waited this long, right?!

a note for the idiots (which, i'm told includes joel and john):
the early bird discount period has just lapsed, and we have now entered the lazy bird period. from now until july 12, tickets will be $60. if you wait any longer than that, you're gonna be up to your elbows in booze cruise expenses, because the full price is $70. please don't embearass yourself.

what's more, is that i have it on very good authority that this year's cruise is on the brink of selling out! picture this: you're alone, on a dock, waving sadly as your drunk friends, pointing and laughing, set sail on a wild sea voyage, leaving you in a puddle of your own mess sadness, wondering how things got so bad. with each passing hour, the possibility that this could happen to you increases exponentially. don't let it.

finally, i've got insider information regarding some of this year's raffle items, and while i can't reveal too many details, i will say this:

two words: richard meier. 

i'll wait, while you let your imagination run wild.

just get your tickets, ok? this is getting ridiculous.
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