26 July 2011

brazilian presidential palace

so hot right now.

debt ceiling information

just as i suspected. thank you liberal media for confirming my liberal bias.
go for it barry!

James Fallows writes: “The Chart That Should Accompany All Discussions of the Debt Ceiling: It’s this one, from yesterday’s New York Times…It’s based on data from the Congressional Budget Office and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Its significance is not partisan (who’s “to blame” for the deficit) but intellectual. It demonstrates the utter incoherence of being very concerned about a structural federal deficit but ruling out of consideration the policy that was largest single contributor to that deficit, namely the Bush-era tax cuts.”

It’s also worth noting that the debt ceiling was raised by $4 trillion under Bush without incident, and Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell approved each of the five increases.


movie trailer #3

ryan gosling, carey mulligan, and joan from mad men

movie trailer #2

the writer of gattaca, and justin timberlake. DONE.

movie trailer #1

emma stone is so hot right now.

DADT is officially dunzo

thanks barry.

gus wants an indoor pool


because its hot outside.

M83 Midnight City

Midnight City by M83

m83 has new music that i think you might like.

sorry my vacation took so long. i forgot to bring my laptop. ive got some good vacation themed posts to give you though, so reasy easy on those pins and needles for a minute.
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