14 March 2012

nErD aLeRt!


“What’s the difference between a fertilized egg, a corporation, and a woman? One of them isn’t considered a person in Oklahoma.”  
-Kristen Schaal on The Daily Show (via)

plz plz plllzzzzzz???

As the Denver Broncos wait to hear from Peyton Manning, the Tennessee Titans have emerged as a strong competitor for the superstar quarterback.
Manning, who is also considering the Cardinals and Dolphins, is meeting with the Titans’ brass and then he is expected to make a decision on his future. There has been recent chatter that Manning may be swayed to stay in the AFC South and play for the Titans. Wednesday, Manning’s former boss didn’t do anything to end that talk.
Former Indianapolis general manager and current ESPN analyst Bill Polian said on "SportsCenter" that he thinks the Titans are the most logical landing spot for Manning. Polian cited that Manning and his wife, Ashley, have ties to the state. Manning was a legendary quarterback at the University of Tennessee.
So, location could be a big stumbling block for John Elway. This doesn’t mean Manning won’t be a Bronco, but the Titans may have an emotional edge. Whatever happens, I’m sure the Broncos want a resolution so they can proceed with the rest of their free-agency plan, regardless of the outcome of the Manning sweepstakes. (via)

racist doodle dandy

get it?

brian moylan where are you going?

kylie isnt the only lady getting a new job. brian moylan is out at gawker. first richard lawson, now this. hamilton nolan, youre next.

that place is gonna be crooooowwwddddeeeeeeddddddd....

Williamsburg will be the next nabe to welcome Whole Foods. Sleuths have ferreted out that a stalled site at 242 Bedford Ave. by North Fourth Street will be rejuvenated with the organic grocer and a New York Sports Club in the base with luxe apartments above, rather than the middling mix of Marshall’s and CVS reported elsewhere a year ago. (via)

i was waiting for this


what is jacky scrapple doing?

you tell me.

thx jenny!

happy pi day, nerds.



a little scrabble doodle dandy.

a masterpiece.

if you think ive posted this before then prove it


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