20 December 2012

what's yella bear doing?

shining bright like a diamond at overton bark.

watch 12 minutes of pathetic losers

what is hank doing?

nappin' and smilin'.

thx erin!

who was the last Miss USA to win Miss Universe

the year: 1997
the girl: Miss USA, Brook Lee (Miss Hawaii)
the look: flawless

miss usa is miss universe

Miss Olivia Culpo, a 20 year old (born in 1992 for those keeping track) college student was crowned Miss Universe at Planet Hollywood last night. Isn't she lovely?

Actually, this is probably why the ancient aliens are coming back tomorrow to set things right. They are all, "bitch please you forgot to consider Miss Mars or Miss Jupiter when you crowned that little bitch from Rhode Island Miss Universe." via via

poor, poor red hook fairway

Like much of Red Hook, Fairway was destroyed by the flood waters. Every single component of the store—from the food products to the cash registers to the shelves—was irreparably damaged. When I visited last week it was startling to see how completely the space had been stripped. What was once a bustling grocery store is now a brick-walled shell. However, Fairway will be able to come back. Unlike many of the other small businesses that were damaged, Fairway has the reserves to rebuild. It's taking a particularly long time because of the massive amounts of equipment that needed to be re-ordered. It's not the kind of stuff you can get from IKEA. In the meantime, though, every single worker who had been employed at the Red Hook branch has been reassigned to other Fairway locations and provided with free transportation to those satellite stores. (via)
she won't re-open until march. ;(

who didn't see this coming.

bethenny + jason = splitsville.

thx jess!

a new great gatsby trailer

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