28 April 2014

dont be fooled, this sportz post, is actually just about memphis

a grantland writer visits memphis for the first time to write about the playoffs and the city. READ IT

look out grizzbears

the memphis grizzlies are staying in a haunted hotel!  here's what happened.
"The legend holds that Effie was a housekeeper during the early years of the Skirvin, a luxury downtown hotel, before its 10 brick floors were expanded to 14 in 1930. W. B. Skirvin, the hotel’s widowed owner, supposedly had an affair with Effie and, when she became pregnant, ordered her to stay locked inside a room on an upper floor, even after she had the baby. At some point, the story goes, Effie went crazy, grabbed the baby and jumped, killing herself and the child."

now she scares people. even big mean basketball players. as you all know, i am by far the bravest of the bunch, so i would have NO TROUBLE sleeping tight in a hotel that has been filled with ghosts for 100 years. someone better tuck in marc and tony, though.

opulence - brooke candy

written by sia, styled by nicola formichetti, directed by steven klein

mark richt is a terrible artist

in other SEC football news, did you know that terrible georgia coach mark richt sends these nasty hand drawn portraits to recruits? gross mark richt.


how would you think the giant whale at the american museum of natural history is suspended? make your guess and then read this enlightening article. most likely, you will have guessed wrong.

doin' it right

readers of this blog aren't morons, but you probably have to talk to people that say stupid things like "sec teams don't play any hard non-conference games."  while this is true for some teams (lookin' at you, auburn) teams that ain't skerred (the vols, oc) have been playing tough teams every year.  but now, your retar oops, can't say that, your big ten friends can't say a gahdurn thing.
...the SEC will begin mandating that each program incorporate an annual nonconference game against a power conference starting in 2016. espn
here's to another 1000 years of sec dominance.
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