15 November 2013

they put an ice skating rink in McCarren Park and got thomas wilhelm to come out and skate in a fairy outfit for the grand opening!


what kind of accent are you attempting, katniss?

here's jennifer lawrence in her new movie, american hustle.

ctm at "another fiiiiirrrre!"

that fresh solange joint is mad cool

saint heron

this adorable cancer kid had the best day ever

make a wish enlisted thousands of volunteers in san francisco to make him a superhero for a day. wink.

and while we're discussing things you should and should not read:

i know it seems like something you should avoid, and i did avoid it for a couple of days, but my morbid curiosity won out in the end, and i read the nymag "my abortion" feature. i have to say it was quite illuminating and moving at times and only contained a couple of medical nightmares, so i encourage you, especially, to check it out.


whatever you do, do NOT read this new yorker piece about a woman who had a late-term miscarriage while traveling in mongolia. do. NOT. i haven't been able to close my eyes all week.

i clicked on this for the photo alone, but was rewarded with a pretty good article about the man behind the infamous levittown development.

i recommend it to you personally. if you're into old timey new york glamour, the beginnings of suburban development strategies, or falls from grace type stories. CLICK.

tonight is liz herber's going away party (you're invited) and i just know it's going to be exactly like this.

thx ms danglez.

dream puppy

thx mike


thx phil!
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