18 March 2013

is this what you want?


whet sement, passed over again.

jicydak, this year's pritzker prize winner is one-wrapper-trick-pony tOyO iTo!!!!11111

he's pretty cool, i'm ok with it. one thing i learned is that his sendai mediatheque was designed to survive an apocalyptic japanese-style earthwuake, and it was caught on film doing just that in 2011. check THIS shit out:

japanese alarm sounds are weeeeeiirrrrdddddd.

today in "did you know that i don't care if you're gay?"

"now that i've left public office..." (via)

another reason to shake your sunday night tv blues


"VP stands for Very Precious"

if you're sad and maybe a little confused now that season 2 of Girls is over, just sit tight and wait for Veep.

you heard it here second - new beyonce

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