25 January 2012

lookit!: SMASH free preview on itunes!

So THAT'S how other people have seen it! Guess what I'll be watching tonight while everyone else is s'ing their p's in the other room.

nErD aLeRt!

this is awesome. these columns are the beginnings of a "super mosque" planned by saddam hussein before, well. you know. now, the city of baghdad would like to build their new "super parliament" in the same location, despite there being absolutely nothing around for kilometers and kilometers.

there is a shortlist of architects which has yet to be released, but is known to include zaha hadid and the london-based firm, assemblage. they have the choice to demolish or preserve saddam's columns. if you were wondering what new york's hottest rising design trio, whet cement (it's coming...) would do...we'd keep 'em. at least some of 'em.

starla met uggie

guess which actor in a best picture nominated movie starla met yesterday... UGGIE!!!!!

she was trying to keep it a secret, but i bet she would just love to answer all of your uggie related questions, so go ahead.

a note to architecture students

stop bending memes to fit your field of study. it ALWAYS turns out uncomfortably nerdy.


also, set your tivos.

set your tivos

Watch Fortress of the Bears - Preview on PBS. See more from Nature.

on tonight's nature....BEARS!

hey girl hey

part 2

where's the corpse?!

spotted. joe paterno, leaving a whole foods in san bernadino, california yesterday afternoon.

on his way home from teaching a course in conversational italian, the former penn state football coach stopped to pick up a few groceries. this photo was snapped of joe pa, in disguise (note the tell-tale wig). indisputable evidence!

what is DJV doing tonight?

watching this movie.


when are we moving to LA?

competitive jumping

have you ever wondered about that jump rope hanging on the door knob in the living room at GPP? guess which current roommate has a past as a competitive jumper.

joel's spirit animal.

not that he begged for it or anything. someone's got a vacation coming up!

jic you missed it.

ben swildens desk for peugot - 1966

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