16 September 2011

best twitterers to follow for the Vols

add some in the comments if you have some good ideas.

@ESPN_SEC : Follow Edward Aschoff and Chris Low for all things SEC.

@AschoffESPN_SEC : Edward Aschoff covers SEC football for ESPN.com. He loves the Gym. He's already Tan. And Laundry is a key to survival.

@Vol_Football : The official Twitter account of University of Tennessee football

@BR_Volunteers : Entertaining content and breaking news from all of the top Tennessee sources on the Web.

@NayaRivera : #81 @MychalRivera's famous sister Santana

@WhoisTPoole : My dream is to inspire. If you expect me to say everything you want to hear don't follow. Sr RB AT UT. TOCCOA, GA native to Knoxville (UT)...Proud To Be A Vol

@Swiperboy : Official twitter for hip-hop's rookie of the year and Swiperboy Entertainment (SBYZ) CEO, Swiperboy aka SB. MUSIC PAGE. Bball fans follow .

@GeneralRNeyland : Soldier, athlete, and Hall of Fame head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers for 21 years, incl. '51 national champions. Single wing pioneer. Ball, oskie, cover...

welcome to the party, new york times.

you're late.
Cornhole, a simple yet addictive pastime with Midwestern origins, is sweeping the Northeast. This summer — from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn, and from the Hamptons to the Catskills —the satisfying thump of weighted sacks hitting plywood reverberated across New York area beaches, lawns, rooftops and city sidewalks. Its mainstay is fall and the football season, when cornhole is also known as “tailgate toss” (a name that might sound better to folks who prefer to avoid the rude double entendre). (via)
(photo from our fifth annual tournament...)

thx erin!

nErD aLeRt!

The Weekender Map (not to be confused with those "Weekender" commercials the Times likes to run) is set to premiere on the homepage of mta.info today 3 p.m. and will take over the front page each weekend going forward. Though it offers a number of functionalities, the star of the show is an updated version of Massimo Vignelli's beloved-by-designers (if not necessarily by riders) 1970s-era subway map which will now highlight (with blinking lights!) the weekend's planned service changes. What's more, you can also with the click of a button check out service disruptions by subway line, by borough and even by station. (via)
how fun!


did you watch?

look at rob's school.

exactly what it's like.

florence + the machine : shake it out

another new single.


Sources inside Bravo tell me that Jill Zarin, Alex McCord and Kelly Bensimon have all be let go from the series and will not be returning as fulltime cast members next season. The source explained that the women were directly contacted by Bravo on Thursday morning with the news -- they had no idea the pink slips were headed their way. (via)

bored to death : season 3


twin shadow - changes

new single.

let's try this again

i have sent another request for ROCKY TOP. final countdown was great, but not what i wanted more than anything in the whole world.

also, notice my tabs; i'll be trying out the grilled cheese and tomato soup combo from the cheese truck today. it got really cold here while i was in class yesterday.

spotifriday : SHOCK THE WORLD

in honor of the vols' unofficial slogan for the season.

this week's playlist : shock the world

go ahead and listen to it if you're tryinagit pumped right now.

see y'all in the swamp! GO VOLS



in middle tennessee. thx rachel!

what are you doing this weekend?

swiperboy : sorority girl

check out swiperboy's new song!

swiperboy - sorority girl

his new mixtape will be out very soon. he'll be putting down the mic to prepare for basketball season, so this one will have to tide us over til april.

i'll keep y'all posted.
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