03 December 2010

look who's totally unaware of each other

maddie and bella. from carly : "these two have been together every day for months, and they are just now starting to ignore each other without a hiss or a swat. Of course, that's when I'm watching - I suspect when I'm at work, they cuddle up and take naps together."

gchatz w/ john

me: where's your absitnence ring?
john: i lost it inside of someone.

your fortnightly boat.

i didn't see this ship in new jersey (i wish!), i just got a fwd from my dad about it. i have no way of verifying the information that was attached (without a minimal amount of internet research), but i'll sum up anyway.
according to the email, this is one of three giant freight ships contracted by walmart to be built by maersk of denmark (remember?). each ship will travel exclusively from china to the US, containing products made in china to be sold in walmarts across america. they then return to china empty, because china doesn't want any of our fine american goods to sell to their poor people.
isn't that interesting?!

thx dad!

keekerz speakerz

keepaway became one of my fave new bands a few months ago when they released an EP called "baby style." they are from brooklyn, and often sound a little too much like animal collective, but i'm gonna let it slide for now. i guess they just released another EP, featuring this song, which i love. i'm looking forward to a full album.

he kind of reminds me of a hipster chord overstreet. but with smaller lips, oc. also, i really like that apartment. i wonder if she's looking for a roommate.

freedom fridayz

sorry it's been a month since this post, but i didn't feel like one floor a week would make for a stunning progress report. however, i think you'll see a difference now. I also include a pic from 3 weeks ago because the sky was pretty.
nov 12
dec 3
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