18 August 2014


everyone is proud of charlotte today. LOVE YOU STRSTLKER :-)

13 days!

the vols hosted an open practice session in neyland stadium on saturday, and 40,000 fans showed up!
i don't know what that person's talking about, i've never heard anyone say a bad word about a vol fan in all my life.

in related news, the AP preseason rankings were released over the weekend, and there are some compelling statistics regarding #SECdominance. 8 of 14 SEC teams are in the top 25, and tennessee has to play six top-25 teams in our 12-game season. kinda makes me just wanna lay down.

here's a summary including only the teams you might care about:
1 florida state (whom?)
2 alabama (never heard of her)
4 oklahoma (the vols face them on #10AICC day, gulp.)
6 auburn
9 south carolina
12 georgia (that shouldn't last long)
13 LS-poo
18 ole piss
21 texas a&m
24 misery
noticeably / inexplicably absent from the list are the tennessee volunteers. #brickbybrick #risetothetop #2015nationalchampions

what did i watch on netflix this weekend?

i watched the new netflix documentary from the director of the cove, called mission blue. it tells the life story of marine biologist and ocean-rights activist, dr. sylvia earle, aka my new fave #HBIC. and it's not just a history, she's also got a plan for saving us all. one (not real) word: hopespots.

i give it 11 biscuits!

the next doc i'm planning to watch is a paleontology thriller called dinosaur 13. it's in theaters right now, but it's also available on amazon prime and ondemand. let me know if you want to come over and watch with me.

the only ice bucket challenge video that hasn't made me want to die.

if you look at the post itself, she tags all those old guys with @'s, and none of them go anywhere legitimate.


Rafael Nadal announced Monday that he will not be competing in the U.S. Open this year in order to recover from a wrist injury. (via)
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