20 June 2011

muppet movie trailer

RIP ryan dunn

he was one of my favorite jackasses. very sad. ;(

tea with tucker

a-thank you, g.animalz.

what is kismet doing???

the fluff mountain is contemplating the haircute he has scheduled for today. update to follow.

go vols!

my dad fwd'd me this pixie of him playing golf in his new shorts. looks like the weather wasn't great, but those shorts are absolutely breathtaking. i'm so proud.

what is hank doing?

swimmin' himself into a hot mess.

and making pig noses.

thx erin!




a surbway map for hipsters! (c2e.)

congratulations, miss tennessee!

first runner-up means first winner, right!?!?!?

thx for the heads-up, joey tony. you pervert.

youtube classix

gabe and i used to ask each other for food this way. i taught joel this weekend. he claims to have never see it even though....

guess what started today!

it's wimbledon! my favorite tennis event of the year! nadal and venus are getting things started today. free live streaming on espn3.com.

i was obsessed with this song 4 years ago

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