19 October 2011

bionic puppies enjoys the leaves


unchained melody

Lykke Li, "Unchained Melody" (Righteous Brothers Cover) by The FADER lykke li takes a sad slow song and makes it all the sadder and slower.

when bears attack (or cuddle)

thx carly. looks even better as a gif.

good lord.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — Law enforcement officials in Ohio on Wednesday said they believed they had captured all but three of the animals that escaped from an exotic animal preserve after the owner of the property released the animals before he fatally shot himself.
At least 25 animals — including lions, wolves, bears and at least one tiger — were shot and killed by deputies and other law enforcement personnel armed with assault rifles to prevent the animals from attacking humans, said Sheriff Matt Lutz of Muskingum County.
At least one of the fleeing animals — it was unclear which species — was struck by a vehicle on a highway adjacent to the 46-acre preserve, and one of the monkeys kept at the compound was killed by a lion, officials said. (via)
what a shitshow!!

thx deej.

are you going to see...

...the new almódovar film, the skin i live in?

that shit look cray.

wanna know what to name your reactionary tumblr?

click here to find out what percent you are.


The last thing The Good Wife needs these days is more characters, and yet the news that Amy Sedaris will be doing a multi-episode arc on the show is nothing but delightful. Such are her joy-inducing powers! She'll play a lobbyist who goes head-to-head with Alan Cumming's Eli Gold, which sounds great, except that Lisa Edelstein as Will's former flame sounded great, too, but has turned out to be deeply irritating. (via)
i've got to get caught up!

bush is still a band?

how strange. this is like that time joey tony came to work with a new silverchair album in 2007.

oh, and it looks like coldplay's still at it:

give it a rest, coldplay.

dont mind me.

just helpin' muhself to some produce.

#ows IQ test

Over the past month, the crusaders at Zuccotti Park have braved the elements, tussled with police, and stood their ground against Mayor Bloomberg. But how much do the protesters actually know about the economic system that they're fighting to change? To find out, we asked 50 occupiers a series of questions about Wall Street, taxes, and government. The results were mixed. See if you can do better. (via)
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