23 April 2012

appointment television

TONIGHT: 9PM eastern time, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Finale Eleganza Spectacular! don't miss it.

Ke$ha + The Flaming Lips

2012 (you must be upgraded)

i would probably put this on the cornhole playlist. and THAT is a compliment.

here's your first glimpse...

...at the 2013 national championship team.

the best thing about the orange-and-white game, which took place this weekend, is that tennessee never loses!

lookin' real good, diane lane!

nErD aLeRt!

if you're into postmodernism, then you'll enjoy watching michael graves ugly up this unassuming old warehouse in princeton, nj.

good news!

tim tebow will be parking his tasteless gator tail in broboken, smell jersey where he belongs, significantly decreasing the chance of ever having the misfortune of running into him on the streets of new york. #bulletdodged

phases of the moon glass


thx maxwell!

fiona apple :: every single night

this is going to be the first single from the new fiona apple album (released 6/19), which you can expect to be amazing.

i love you just the way you are

Meow the cat is 2 years old, and 39 lbs, which is the equivalent of being a 600 lb man.  He is also in need of a new home, so if you live near Santa Fe, give this kitty a chance (and don't skimp on the Meow Mix)! [via]

jesus is a biscuit

jesus took the bread and broke it, saying "take, eat, this is my body" aka: jesus is a biscuit
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