31 May 2012

look at this motocycle i found!

 c2e this scarface themed bike. notice the bullet hole details, and the fact that the exhaust is meant to look like a rotary gun.

I can't go but you should.

from my advisor:

Dear all,

The Bungalows of Rockaway is Jennifer Callahan's entertaining and enlightening documentary that traces the social history of the Rockaways from the Marx Brothers to Robert Moses through the bungalow. Combining rich archival materials on past pleasures with insightful interviews on contemporary conservation, she reveals how this vernacular villa type opened the shore to the masses and merits preservation.

INFORMATION: The Bungalows of Rockaway
Monday, June 11th 6:30 pm followed by panel discussion with bungalow experts & residents, Rockaway Taco owner David Selig, and NYT journalist Eve Kahn Anthology
Film Archives New York, NY
for tickets: www.hdc.org/

30 May 2012

obama gets it right.

coach summit received the medal of freedom from the potus.
"The Medal of Freedom is presented to people who have made meritorious contributions to the national interests of the United States, to world peace or to other significant endeavors."
this year's other honorees included:
• Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the first woman to hold the job.
• Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts, who died in 1927.
• John Doar, who handled civil rights cases as assistant attorney general in the 1960s.
• William Foege, former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who helped lead the effort to eradicate smallpox.
• Jan Karski, a resistance fighter against the Nazi occupation of Poland during World War II. He died in 2000.
good company. go vols. more

peep this

the long awaited Azealia Banks EP 1991 was finally released. It is 4 songs long... dig it.

video for no church in the wild

another video from m.i.a.'s "bad girls" director romain gavras.

25 May 2012

what's for lunch?

street meat over rice

jimmy fallon's downton sixbey


holy. fucking. shit.

WOAH. i'll take cherry plz.


24 May 2012

let's go see that movie where nicole kidman pees on zac efron

It's safe to say that the press corps at Cannes was not used to such intense levels of Efronsploitation, since at the press conference afterward, a reporter hesitantly asked Efron how he felt about being so "determinedly eroticized." Efron mostly ducked the question, though Daniels wasn't one to mince words. "Eroticized? Eroticized?" he shouted. "He's good-looking! The camera can't help but love him. And I'm gay." via

what is hank doing?

just makin' a new friend at doggie daycare. THX ERIN!

me too

fifty states of grey


the northeast has the most readers, but the south mistakenly thinks its a good-ass book. why are they pointing at tennessee like that? clearly mississippi is worse, like always.

"man, i am somethin' else."

please step over here and watch this little pageant boy from toddlers & tiaras.

food for thought: hugging cat

my birthday is coming up

and for whatever reason THIS sweatshirt is only available in adult XL, which happens to be my sweatshirt size.

one of the only things i remember from architecture school

i'm pissed with jealousy.

ed droste of grizzly bear got to be a thing that maddie was on.

what are you doing on saturday night?

Backstage at Horror Drag is inspired by the real-life Filipino drag sensation Ryan Robles, the piece imagines a flourishing niche of Horror Drag performance and the community of people who give their lives to it, despite the nearly total lack of recognition or reward.

Short Form 2012 - 1 of 4 night of new work 10pm - $6 Downstairs at St. Marks - The Parish Hall

if you're in east nashville and you're in the mood for sausage, go see my cousin chris at porter road butcher


novak signs with uniqlo

breaking ties with former sponsor sergio tacchini, djokavic signed an endorsment deal with japanese staple-maker uniqlo. expect some boring new clothes that fit pretty well when he debuts at roland garros this weekend. more

what's thomas wilhelm doing this weekend.

the pretty girl rock, rock, rock

23 May 2012

don't even THINK about it.

The conundrum that Samuel I. Schwartz, the traffic engineering expert, faced was this: How could the already jam-packed streets in the heart of Brooklyn accommodate thousands of extra cars filled with fans traveling to a basketball arena and desperately searching for parking?
His answer, revealed on Tuesday to a panel of Brooklyn officials with all the flourish and detail of a general planning to storm the beaches of Normandy, was to discourage driving entirely, by cutting the number of parking spaces at the Barclays Center in half.
“We will scare drivers away from the arena,” Mr. Schwartz said in an interview. “My message to New Yorkers is, Don’t even think of driving to the Barclays arena.” (via)

Baz Luhrmann - Great Gatsby trailer

charlize theron + bella swan, interactive trailer


what architects do::

doodle, take cabs, walk around amidst construction debris.

22 May 2012

gossip : move in the right direction

via is anyone going to the gossip concert tonight at terminal 5 with SSION and CREEP?

it's been the same story since forever

Translated 9th century scroll:
"Yesterday, having drunk too much, I was intoxicated as to pass all bounds; but none of the rude and coarse language I used was uttered in a conscious state. The next morning, after hearing others speak on the subject, I realised what had happened, whereupon I was overwhelmed with confusion and ready to sink into the earth with shame."
from letters of note (which you should read if you don't already)

what's for lunch?????

sara martin is having 2PzNaPpod for lunch!

roman polanski - a therapy

this short film for prada with ben kinglsey and helena bonham carter takes only 3 minutes to achieve more than most feature length productions.




back by popular demand.

don't watch, dave


sleigh bells : demons

lemonade : neptune

this has been on repeat for about a month now.

terror alert

some science folks think this summer will bring new york city a plague of mosquitos. go ahead and read this if you'd like to be terrified to leave your house for 3 months (or maybe ever).
They are coming. There is no doubt that they are coming. What we don’t know is when they will come and how many there will be.
The last outstanding question is: Are we prepared? From a public-health standpoint, that is, and from the standpoint of dealing with seriously annoying things. Because mosquitoes are both a major health hazard and about the most irritating creatures known to man. Even ticks are easier to get along with, which is saying a lot, given that they are bloodsuckers, too.
Biologists call mosquitoes commensals, from the Latin indicating that we share the same table. The table is our lives, in the summer. The meal is our blood.
Most winters thin the mosquito population. When weather is warmer, mosquitoes tend to thrive. This winter, as is well known, there was no winter. (via)
you're going to want to at least read as far as the "sewer skeeter" section. #dontwatchdave #youretoosweettoresist

some long form reading

some of you may have heard of / read the bestselling book, "born to run", featuring ultramarathon runner micah true's relationship with a remote long-distance-running mexican tribe. he recently went missing and was found dead in the wilderness of new mexico, and the new york times published a really great feature on him. check it out if you have some time.
His story was exuberantly molded into legend in the 2009 best-seller “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. Caballo Blanco, however private and self-effacing, was suddenly delivered to the world as a prophet, “the lone wanderer of the High Sierras.” To many, he represented the road not taken, a purer path, away from career, away from capitalism, away from the clock.
McDougall, himself a runner, was one of the dozens who had hurried to southwestern New Mexico to join the search, as had the actor Peter Sarsgaard, who was about to direct a movie based on the book. In just a few days, the Gila Wilderness had become a lodestone to a who’s who of ultramarathoners, athletes with loose limbs, lanky bodies and now a shared sense of dread.
“We’re thinking he could be lying out there hurt, unable to get help,” said the ultrarunner Luis Escobar, who had driven all night from California. (via)

21 May 2012

the master

skyfall trailer

i know that you are supposed to say that sean connery is the best james bond, but i think daniel craig is my favorite. and javier bardem is in this one. see you guys there.

17 May 2012

gchatz with starla

me:  i hope my dvr recorded this
 starla:  stopitrightnow
 me:  i can't wait to watch that
 starla:  i mean
tlc has really gone above and beyond
 me:  they have certainly gone above and beyond something
i'm just not sure if it's some sort of standard, or simply decorum in general
 starla:  all of the above

how great was the 5th grade?

our students designed slides to talk about their personal growth. i think they are rad. 

Some growth isn't quite as quantifiable

last dance for donna summer

Go Lady Vols!

16 May 2012

people sell the darndest things

plenty of snark about expensive products at The Worst Things For Sale

time travel

there was a version of this story on TAL a few years back. but this movie looks gooooooood.

mariah carey throws mad shade

WTC1 just keeps getting worse and worse

What the city ended up with as a replacement to the original World Trade Center towers is safe and bland, and while you might have thought it couldn't get any worse, it will.  In an effort to save 20 million dollars, The Durst Organization and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have decided to discard the steel and fiberglass shell, designed in collaboration with sculptor Kenneth Snelson, encasing the broadcast antenna atop Tower One.  The Durst Organization has claimed that maintaining and repairing the antenna enclosure would be too difficult and expensive.  Architect David Childs said:
We are disappointed that a decision has been made to remove the sculptural enclosure at the top of 1 World Trade Center...Eliminating this integral part of the building’s design and leaving an exposed antenna and equipment is unfortunate. We stand ready to work with the port on an alternate design that will still mark the 1 World Trade Center’s place in New York City’s skyline.
Not only will this change take away the only mildly interesting element of the design, it will also likely negate WTC1's status as the tallest building in the country since the unclad broadcast antenna will not be classified as a spire, and therefore cannot be included in the total height of the structure according to the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.  The Council will wait to make a final ruling on the height of the structure until it is complete on 2014, but if they ultimately decide the antenna cannot be considered, the total height of Tower One will be 1,368 feet (see below, C2E).

Here's what some idiot commenters over at the Wall Street Journal had to say:

While someone at the New York Times insisted it's not too late to get back on the right track and just rebuild replicas of the original towers in the two remaining empty lots.


i need a babysitter

my name is isabella, i live in nashville
and i am very well behaved (just look at that braided bone on my nose for chrissakes) and i need someone to take care of me from may 24-28.

for kylie


15 May 2012

w2g phil!

Phillip Fulmer was a first-ballot selection Tuesday for College Football Hall of Fame enshrinement.
Fulmer becomes the third University of Tennessee coach to be selected in the coaching category, joining Robert Neyland and Doug Dickey.
Johnny Majors and Bowden Wyatt were inducted as players, along with 17 other Vols.
Fulmer coached the Vols for three games as interim head coach in 1992 then took over full time in 1993.
He went 152-52 as head coach, a .745 winning percentage, until he was forced to resign effective at the end of the 2008 season.
Induction criteria require a coach be retired for three years. Fulmer was one of eight coaches on the ballot. Coaches have to have won 60 percent of their games over a career of at least 100 games.
Fulmer’s most celebrated season was 1998 when the Vols went 13-0 and won the BCS national championship. (via)
108 days!!!

kimbra - vows

kimbra, of 'somebody that i used to know' fame, has an album coming out soon. stream it here.

melissa melton, horse murderer.

“Well done, jock,” a fan said to Crowley.
The jockey nodded and pointed to his horse. “Not me, all him,” the gesture said.
And it was. Arcadius seized the day, winning with the biggest, best effort of his life. The humans lined up, the horse was led in to the winner’s circle. Catching his breath now, he stood for the brief ceremony — a sweaty, dirty, hot, victorious athlete. It was as if he knew he had won. Arcadius stared regally to the distance, ears at attention, and everyone else paused, soaking in the victory. The cameras buzzed. Crowley jumped down, unbuckled the elastic girths, removed the leather saddle, breastplate, black and red cloth with the white 3 on it. The jockey folded it all up on his arm, patted his horse on the back, one more reward for the effort.
Two minutes later, Arcadius was dead — steps from the finish line he had crossed with so much power, so much life. (via)
she was there. after that incident with the deer, i just can't help but be suspicious.

not your kind of people - garbage

stream the full album here
buy it on itunes today
it will probably be on spotify after it is released next week.
read an interview with shirley manson

11 May 2012

cross your fingers for the grizzlies tonight

game 6 tonight in LA. if we lose, we are done. if we win, we come back home for game 7 on sunday. tough.

azealia banks - jumanji

they should get a league of their own...amiright!?

An Arizona Catholic high school baseball team is forfeiting the state championship because they feel it's inappropriate to compete with the opposing team's single female player.

"Teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we choose not to place them in an athletic competition where proper boundaries can only be respected with difficulty ... Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls."

OYR, respect them back into the kitchen!

The school, Our Lady of Sorrows, is representative of an ultra traditionalist sect of the Catholic Church known as the Society of Saint Pius X.

[Huffington Post]

ugh. shut UP bristol palin!

The other night I was telling Kiki that I was not excited about the impending media shit storm that would follow Barack Obama's NBD statement about same-sex marriage rights (which we all already knew he privately supported since 1996).  This is a prime example of what I was talking about:

Bristol Palin, perennial victim of the "liberal media" as the daughter of a former Republican vice presidential candidate, wrote a blog post criticizing Obama's daughters, parenting skills and position of same-sex marriage.  Meanwhile, the PlayBoy posing father of her out of wed-lock baby is having another out-of-wedlock baby, with another woman, and planning to name it Breeze Beretta-after the brand of gun.  For fuck's sake.  Know when to let it go!


you're welcome.

An interesting tidbit from the Atlantic shows why poor states in the US don't drag down the entire US economy the way that poor countries in the European Union do. Basically, states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and California get back about $0.75 per dollar they pay to the federal government in taxes, whereas states like Kansas, Tennessee and Missouri (probably Alabama, Mississippi and Georiga as well) get back anywhere from $1.10-1.30 for every dollar they pay in federal taxes. Basically, Tennessee is the Greece of the United States.


[The Atlantic]

i love fruit s-ughaaaaalaaad!

As our country hopelessly slides into the godless pit of homosexuality, I think we all need to stop and thank North Carolina for making doubly sure that unholy unions like this don't take place:

Children's TV was better when we were young.  Thanks to the Daily Show for reminding me of this clip.

get used to hearing this one

the scissor sisters release their new album in 2 weeks. thomas wilhlem is probably freaking out. The scissor sisters are back and sharper than ever.

nErD AleRT!!!


i've finally arrived.

The students at my school made a whatshouldwecallme-style blog that includes the following entry:

(the closet is my office)

10 May 2012

on my way back from a meeting

i spotted nick and kevin jonas carrying a pizza box on 8th avenue. they looked like normal people, but how can that be possible?

what's for lunch in memphis?

a "mr. good burger" from roxie's grocery. 
it's two hand formed patties with american and hoop cheeses, four slices of deep fried bacon, lettuce, lettuce, tomato, a ton of grilled onions, pickles, mayo, and mustard on a buttered bun.
 here it is pictured (credit ilm) as a combo with fries, but you aren't going to want those.
it feels like a heart attack in your hands.
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