10 April 2013

very important scientific poll : kim zolciak

 please weigh in, above.

my friend just sent me this portrait

nailed it.

pritzker, plz.

here's an interview with the ladies from harvard that created the online petition for denise scott brown's retroactive prizker prize.
Did you get Denise Scott Brown’s blessing to do this? Or you did you do it, and then talk to her after?
Assouline-Lichten: It was very impulsive. I just launched it. I didn’t even think that it’d maybe be a problem. [Laughs.] We actually had a bit of trouble getting in touch with Denise. It took us five days or so.
It was launched on a Wednesday, and then, finally, on Monday I spoke to her on the phone. She was delighted. At that point, there were about 500 signatures. She had been up until 2 a.m. the night before reading the comments on the petition. She was sweet and just so happy to have some recognition. Even if it’s not the Pritzker, it’s a sign that that the public loves you and appreciates your work. That’s very touching for her. She’s super happy about this whole thing. (via)
the most interesting part is that the GSD cafeteria is called the "chauhaus". nerd alert.

sign the petition here.

anthony and huma profile

the weiners tell all in the new york times magazine, and there are some cute hillary anecdotes, too.
By June 1, when Weiner said, “I can’t say with certitude” if the picture was of him, it was clear, at least to most of the world, that he was guilty of something. That weekend, Weiner and Abedin escaped to a friend’s house in the Hamptons to get away from all the “hoopla,” as Weiner calls it, “and that’s when people starting coming out of the woodwork. I got a call from Chris Cuomo saying that they had someone who was going to say that I texted with her. It reached this point where I just sat down with Huma and said, ‘Listen, I can’t. . . . I don’t want to lie.’ . . . I just didn’t want to lie anymore to her.” Here, his voice cracks and tears well up in his eyes. “I have a choppy memory of it, but she was devastated. She immediately said, ‘Well you’ve got to stop lying to everyone else too.’ And basically we drove back to the city, and she said: ‘You’ve just got to tell everyone the truth. Telling me doesn’t help any.’ It was brutal. It was completely out of control. There was the crime, there was the cover-up, there was harm I had done to her. And there’s no one who deserved this less than Huma. That’s really the bottom line. No one deserved to have a dope like me do that less than she did.” (via)
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