05 November 2013

btw its stevie nicks tuesday

never forget.

mayor kitty de kitty-o


2Pz is projecting that he's our next mayor. just like we already told you.

nErD aLeRt!

this nymag feature will most likely change the way you think about robert (a.m.) stern:
The architect Robert A.M. Stern occupies a physically impossible position in his profession. As the widely respected dean of the Yale School of ­Architecture, he sits atop an ­academic world that treats his buildings with condescension, which means that the people who look up to him also look down on him at the same time. A typical remark, from Alexander Gorlin, one of Stern’s former students and principal of his own firm: “A whole article just about Bob Stern? Does he merit that?” Stern has been called the Martha Stewart of architecture, a comparison suggesting that he’s selling a lifestyle rather than making art. (via)

sesame street does homeland

this is kind of old but i just forgot to tell you about it until now so get off my back ok?

a long read for you.

nymag published an excerpt from john heilemann's new barack obama book. it is absolutely riveting and i recommend it to you personally.

central park zoo has some new baby big kittens

The Wildlife Conservation Society has some good news: The snow leopard cubs above are the first snow leopard cubs ever born in the NYC Central Park Zoo. The brother and sister, which were born earlier this summer but kept away from prying eyes, now weigh about 30 pounds, but are expected to reach between 65-120 pounds. Their parents are Zoe, the mother (7), and Askai (6), a male sent to the Central Park Zoo from the Bronx Zoo. Both adults are first-time parents. LETS GO VISIT IVE NEVER BEEN TO THE CENTRAL PARK ZOO MS DANGLES IS GOING TO TAKE ME.

the greatest thrill is just being alive

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