28 July 2011

help name rachel's new puppy!

and by puppy, i mean new old dog. here he is! isn't he cute?!

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pretty cute animal pixies.

by andrew zuckerman.

thx erin baker's dad!

guess who was playing in mccarren park last night.

twin sister! what a pleasant surprise.

i left my heart at the fancy acre.

over the weekend, g.animalz and i ran screaming from the heat wave, all the way to sunny portland, oregon, to visit jenny and kevin at the fancy acre! would you like to hear a little about that? thought so.

the first thing you should know is that the acre recently acquired a brand new family member. his name is royal, and he is a tiny bear cub pomeranian.

here he is joining his roommates, patsy, loretta, and wynonna for a hearty breakfast of chicken feed. 

the second thing you should know is that despite what royal might tell you, he is not the boss. that title goes to mr. jacky scrapple. he likes to wear t-shirts, and he recently lost his signature snaggletooth. lucky for him, he has three more huge fangs left, and now his tongue has a bit more room to spread out (of his mouth).

i was lucky enough to get the fanciest room on the acre.

more about the chickens: they lay eggs! loretta and wynonna are pretty cool about it, and put them in the coop where they belong, but patsy's kind of a b. she thinks she's special because her eggs are blue, and she hides them under things all around the yard. i tried to help find them, but i wasn't very good at it. anyway, jenny basically made us a whole breakfast from chicken eggs and vegetables from their amazing garden. it was pretty fancy.

while we ate breakfast, we noticed a pretty loud buzzing sound. jenny and kevin just got some bees and a beehive, and a wild swarm showed up to make friends with them. there was like a million.

i could just go on and on about the wonders of the fancy acre forever. we also went on some adventures! for example, we took royal and jacky to peewee puppy play group at the dog park.

we floated down this river.

omg, remember patrick halley? he lives in portland, too! i forgot to take a picture of him, but he came over for our big green egg pizza cookout, and brought his beautiful cornhole boards. he also dropped off the new set of bags i ordered from the cornhole cooperative. aren't they gorge?

we visited kevin's world famous biscuit establishment, pine state biscuits. drool!!

ryan and i played some golf.

on my last night, we dined at park kitchen, which jenny is pretty much the boss of. i can't begin to describe what an enjoyable tasting menu flavor journey we were plied with. god. so good.

sadly, after that meal, it was time for me to head to the airport. i had such an amazing time (thx jenny, kevin, jacky and royal for being just the best hosts!). can't wait to visit again VERY soon.

ps - did you know portland and brooklyn are the same place?

What's for lurnch?

Yesterday afternoon I had a grilled chicken sammy with tomatoes on focaccia with BBQ kettle cooked cheap, cheap, cheaps. not pictured, a fiji water. square water tastes better that round water.

sweet dreams pup

watch this one here
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