24 September 2010

gchatz w/ john (feat. a surprise guest)

me: im going to have some time to kill. john, if you're around, we can look for plants in the [trinity church] cemetery
john: go to hell
me: i was being totally serious
john: are you making a terrarium too?
me: no, i wanted to help with yours
john: i suppose i do need a new fern
me: sure you do
and i need to pay my respects to alexander hamilton
john: but do you have a plastic bag for me to put it in?
b/c i don't
me: i can see what's laying around here in the office
charlotte: losers

(john's terrarium....isn't it adorbz?)

trendspotting : throat-slashing!

you might recall joel's little internet rule of three, wherein he sees something on the internet three times, and assigns some kind of arbitrary and excessive significance to it. well, he's not the only one with an eye out for today's hottest trends. i'm here to tell you about a little observation i've made, involving the latest fashion in rage: throat-slashing.

allow me to illustrate:

first, this white guy slashed his cab driver's throat just because he said he was a muslim! theeeeeenn, this guy slashed his college's dean's throat, just because he was possessed by satan! and last night, a diplomat was found on the floor of his apartment in the bronx, dead from a throat-slashing, just for being a nicaraguan!

point is, if you have any hope of earning the approval of your peers this fall, head on out and pick up the season's must-have accessories: a sharp knife and a short fuse.


you look great, girl. you'll be out in no time.

everyone just loved lil p-nut last time.

so here is some more of our favorite memphis child rapper

everybody look at isabella.

auburn is the best!

a few quotes from the 'gameday' crew, about their experience on auburn's campus last weekend:

"the fans are great, the campus is beautiful...i love it here."

"auburn might be the most charming campus, town, atmosphere and environment in all of the southeast...it's just a great mix of tradition, academic emphasis and football."

"we've always said, and we said it last night in our production meeting for gameday, auburn is one of the most respectful crowds in terms of its fan base...i think that there are two reasons for that. not only is it the manners of all the people here, but i also think there is a respect and appreciation for the sport itself. obviously, everyone loves their team, but i think they love the sport as well. you don't find that everywhere."

so we're the best AND the most polite. SUCK ON THAT YOU A-HOLES!!!!111 YEAH! WAR EAGLE!!!!

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