29 November 2011

do you know who i am

(hint: i am edward cullen)

look who was riding the subway AGAIN

just jake gyllenhaal.via .

the tennessee tea party really grosses me out

in response to the news that representative barney frank will not seek re-election at the end of his term. get a life jerks.

internet music toy

Baroque.me visualizes the first Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suites. Using the mathematics behind string length and pitch, it came from a simple idea: what if all the notes were drawn as strings? Instead of a stream of classical notation on a page, this interactive project highlights the music’s underlying structure and subtle shifts.

Baroque.me: J.S. Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 - Prelude from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.

click here to play.

topless joe jonas and puppy

are you in the mood for a mustache ride? then grab a puppy and head to mexico because joe jonas' vacation is probably going to be over soon. via.

brb outside: the cloisters

Today I took a field trip to the Cloisters. Here are some highlights.

Gubye, Buddy! Hope you find your dad... Thanks Mr. Narwhal Tusk.
 Medieval Smokey. Git 'em Smoke!
 Gardens for days
 Munchin' on a unicorn...
GPP needs a citrus tree. lets do that.

omg y'all.

holmes is pregnant!!! follow him along his journey toward motherhood on his new blog.


clydesdale slavery

just in case you thought it would be cute to take a carriage ride at the zoo over the holidays.

your once and future president

new campaign ad. im ready to vote now, are you?

what is thomas wilhelm doing after work?


thx melissa!

what are you doing this weekend?

if you're in nashville, you're going to the porter flea handmade holiday market , organized by 2Pz bestie, KTV!

this looks funny

click here for a funny "red band" trailer where charlize swears at esme.
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