20 March 2014

stop the press - rupaul and john waters drive around


cincinnati, who i have in my final four, shit the bed.

so. #fuckingohio

an acoustic Aaliyah cover from Banks

billy on the street with lena dunham, a cow, and an old lady named elena


6-seed ohio state just lost in the first round. this upset should be particularly upsetting to sara jane, who has ohio state winning the entire tournament. #nevertrustohio #suckeyes #beatdayton

trend alert - abandoned bunnies

apparently nyc has an abandoned bunny problem. more bunny rabbits than ever are being left in our parks and streets, but they cant survive out there!

Domestic bunnies are vulnerable to whims of weather, predators and people — doomed to die if they aren’t quickly saved.
The rabbits “usually look clueless, confused,” said Sean Casey, head of the nonprofit rescue group Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Inc. in Kensington, where Prospect Park, Sunset Park and the bucolic Poly Prep Country Day School are popular bunny-dumping grounds.

sexercise - kylie minogue


and the vfiles/ ssion/ kylie collaboration video...

this is how Ms. Dangles wakes up in the morning


enjoy this completely revisionist account of the basketvols win last night.

they don't make much mention of how we were losing for nearly the entire game or how it went into overtime and how iowa basically gave up.

i think i'd prefer cuonzo leave the "just have fun" part out of his pre-game speech. BUT. a w's a w. i'll take it.


you don't want to be left out, do you? i think you have until 11.00am.
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