17 May 2013

we were there - cellphone throwing scandal

Have you read about the theater critic who tossed a lady's cellphone across the room when she refused to stop texting during the show? You can read about it here or here or here or here or about a million other places on the internet.

If you have any other questions, you can ask me or Ms. Dangles because we were at that show! Mike's friend Dave wrote all the music and is a main performer. It is in a really cool pop-up cabaret style theater tucked under the Highline, across the street from the Standard. Anyway, we were seated about 10 feet away from those involved and I distinctly remember looking over my shoulder several times throughout the show because some drunk ladies were causing a commotion. We took to calling them the Real Housewives of NYC because it seemed like they were out for attention... the wrong kind of attention. I didn't see the slap, but I did see the woman charge down the stairs after her phone and immediately storm out through the performance space into the bar/ lobby. It is actually a great testament to the fortitude of the performers that they were able to continue seamlessly in the face of such a disruption. Go see it if you're ever in the mood for a Russian rock opera musical based on War and Peace and you want to eat dinner at a table with strangers and possible witness a battle in the ongoing cell phone culture war.

where the salmon at?

tony allen (as a celtic) shops at whole foods.

we don't bluff

DJ Paul who has some guns and an Oscar got together with his friend Drumma Boy and crafted this song that you are likely to hear over the PA system during Memphis home games in the Western Conference Finals. thx for the tip DJV
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