03 November 2010

uh. let's extend those tax cuts.


mariah carey :: oh santa

meet your new tennessee titan:

randy motherfucking moss!!!!

thx joey!

some old-ass news for you : amy sedaris has a new book

there's also a wendy william's clip, but i can't won't embed it because i can't stand the sound of that's bitch's voice. SHUT UP!

also see this un-embed-able video by amy for amazon.

country music is for suckers.

According to Doyle Davis, general manager of Grimey's New & Preloved Music in Nashville, it's long been a dirty secret in his town that the only people buying new country music releases are either tourists or suckers. (via)
i couldn't agree more. npr profiles nashville's favorite record store, grimey's.

mc hammer disses jay-z?

watch this. skip to 1:20.
Jay-Z reacted to MC Hammer's recent diss record "Better Run Run" when he stopped by DJ Semtex's show yesterday. The BK emcee was surprised by Hammer's reaction and stated that Hammer might be a little embarrassed once he reads what he wrote about him in his upcoming book Decoded.
It was Jay's bars from Kanye's G.O.O.D. Friday release "So Appalled " that upset Hammer, "And Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused / I lost 30 mil so I spent another 30 / 'Cause unlike Hammer 30 million can't hurt me." (via)

Jay-Z Reacts To MC Hammer Diss Record www.djsemtex.com by Roy Thomas

see i told you nothing bad would happen

you were worried.

theres this feeling i cant shake...


if puppies could vote :: jimmy fallon

last week jimmy brought out these puppies to vote in the nevada election, turns out they were right! have we met the new soccerpus? thank you very much late night puppies :)

tim burton's superman costume

in general i would characterize myself as a great fan of tim burton's work. his dark, creepy, gothic touch made for an awesome couple of batmans, some awesome johnny depp movies, and a really cool pee wee joint. that being said, there have also been some lapses in judgement, and these pics from his ill fated superman project in the 90s definitely belong in the latter group. follow the link above and listen to the kevin smith youtube. makes for an interesting backstage hollywood story.

some interesting new leonardo movies

1) the great gatsby
leo is in talks to take on the titular role in the movie currently being planned by baz luhrmann. there have been a lot of casting rumors floating around, and not even any certainty that baz is actually going to move this one forward, but most of the gossip is about who is going to play daisy. makes me want to go to the library and reread. i love everything baz does.

2) the devil in the white city
there are two books that every architecture nerd i know has ready: loving frank, and devil in the white city. leonardo is in talks to play the leading role of the murderer who took advantage of the chicago worlds fair of 1800 to kill a bunch of ladies. this is another one that i can imagine on the big screen dazzling audiences.

nelly furtado :: night is young

whats this? a new track by nelly furtado. she looks really pretty, and the song is fun too. via. she has a greatest hits album coming out, and it includes three new songs. woot.
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