30 September 2014

your fortnightly boat accident

these two container ships collide in unspectacular fashion


the voice report

well last night's ep was a bit underwhelming, i have to say. i'll share the best one, a jamaican gal that sounds exactly like lauryn hill. which is a good thing because we defs need a new one of those.

you can read about the rest here.

29 September 2014

26 September 2014

just a little heart melt for your friday...

listen to this adorable conversation about wain vs spwinkawin

if you're impatient the heart melt starts at 1:26
via my office buddy Billy via his youtube suggestion screen

25 September 2014

peek inside Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg's home

have we ever talked about this? Charlie Chaplin used to live in this house. And, they only paid $6.25 million. Only in Los Angeles.

24 September 2014

here's a 30 minute podcast episode about the history of the color orange

or you can just read about it here.

ooohhhhhh yes.

the KYICK at 0:48. (via)

the voice report

last night brought another incredibly entertaining blind auditions ep. this was the obvious standout performance from a seasoned back-up and session singer, who has maybe the world's most flawlessly supportive mother. the only thing better than her performance was gwen's shameless recruiting tactics. "you like fashion?"

i will note that i don't think i've once seen gwen be the first to push her button, though.

gawker round-up here.


i washed my hair with hand soap in the bathroom

i think i'll watch SNL at least once this year. ARIANA GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and @prattprattpratt)

football puppy saved by football soldier

Texas A&M has three cadets during football games to watch over their mascot. While Reveille was relaxing on the sidelines, a collision with a SMU player was avoided by the athletic move of the guardian cadet. (via)
reveille is my second favorite football puppy. UGA-ly is my least favorite football pile of mush.

in conclusion:

23 September 2014


that terrible towel.

old timey vols

please welcome...

...my official early favorite voice contestant, elyjuh rene!

he is 18 and adorable and loves his mom and has braces and sang beyonce and picked pharell to be his coach and it was thrilling. it should be noted that i watched the first ep of the season last night and the new judges have wonderfully entertaining banter and gwen is still amazing and pharell is the sweeeeetest. second episode is on tonight if you wanna get in early.

bonus link: all 4 judges perform "hella good" together.

22 September 2014

listen to these demo tracks Dev Hynes wrote for Britney Jean

and this one you already know that sky ferrari sings via

hermione granger is our new feminist HBiC

watch this video of her earning a standing ovation at the UN while meekly and mildly introducing her new women's rights initiative #HeForShe

18 September 2014

i'm sorry, WHAT?!?!

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand has a dedicated photo section in her new memoir, Off the Sidelines, and it includes one very important photo.
Apparently Gillibrand was once roommates with beloved Nashville actress Connie Britton when the two Dartmouth undergrads were studying abroad for a summer in Beijing. (via)

what a dream.


someone got a gif of Ms. Dangles from the last time we were upstate.

have you heard that gwen stefani is going to be a voice coach this year?

here she is in a lip-sync battle with fellow coach blake shelton on jimmy fallon.

it's a bye week.

grantland's holly anderson took the trip to oklahoma with the vols and wrote all about them and how cute they are.
Right about here, these guys get loud. Before each home game, seven of former Vols coach Robert Neyland’s game maxims are recited in the stadium bearing his name, and the sound of 100,000 or so voices trying to keep time feels like a rhythmless roar in the open UT air. The 70 or so voices doing it in a cramped visitors’ locker room are entirely in unison, and the volume is skull-rattling. The cadence speeds up as they go along, and when they finish blurting out the final maxim (“CARRY THE FIGHT TO OKLAHOMA AND KEEP IT THERE FOR 60 MINUTES”), they turn and run for the field. Just as they hit the stadium concourse leading back to that ramp, ominous bell-tolling sounds roll in, signaling the Sooners’ emergence. It’s just dark enough to see pregame fireworks burst and glitter behind the top rows of bleachers.

i am really going to miss watching all those young individuals mature this weekend. and i'm also going to miss watching them crush georgia's dreamz next weekend because i'll be on a mountaintop helping erin macbreath get married. starla will have to miss it too though, so that helps.

a query as old as time.

i was surprisingly touched and fascinated by this nymag investigation into what drives male doctors into the field of gynecology. for example, this one was not the most serious, but an adorable mindset:
"I worried I’d have no patients."
I was nervous about being a young, male gynecologist. Frankly, I worried I’d have no patients. But I’ve learned that some women still prefer male doctors, and it’s not for the reasons you might think. They say men are more sensitive on average, more responsive to their concerns. I’ve heard that men are better at pelvic exams because we’re so terrified of causing discomfort that we’re obsessively gentle. Male doctors are less dismissive of a woman’s problems because everything sounds so terrifying and horrifying to us since we don’t go through it. Like, tell us your period is heavy and we feel awful about it!

is scotland anything?

did you know that the people of scotland are voting today to decide whether they remain part of the UK or become their own independent nation? isn't that so weird?
Those who favor independence argue that Scotland is politically and culturally alienated from a government in London dominated by the Conservatives and the power of money. Many in left-leaning Scotland say a yes vote would bring them not only autonomy but also a more Scandinavian-style social democracy — nuclear free and more equitable.
Some in the yes campaign seem to be making quasi-economic arguments of their own, selling Scotland as a socialist paradise of enhanced benefits fueled by endless amounts of North Sea oil and gas.
Yet the warnings of British and international economists are not easily dismissed. They tend to center on questions of the currency, budget deficits, energy resources and relatively lower growth in Scotland, as well as reduced clout in global affairs for a shrunken Britain.
Tight polls have many in Washington freshly alarmed, with the White House and many American heavyweights voicing strong support for keeping the United Kingdom together.
more scandinavian sounds good. need help deciding where you stand?

i can't wait to find out what happens!

17 September 2014

16 September 2014

Breaking News - OITNB turns you GAY!!!11

maybe not really but writing about the love between piper and alex helped this cute lady figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. she even divorced her husband and get this...started dating poussey! swoon. i love happy endings.
here is the story in her own words:
"I realized I was gay in fall 2012, one of my first days on the set. It wasn't so much one thing, but the sum of many small details: how uncomfortable I felt around groups of lesbians or how I considered myself (shrug) a "not very sexual person." When considered alone, these seemed like little quirks that made me me. Wanting to read a book instead of have sex is a perfectly reasonable preference to have, right?
But on set, these small moments came into sharp relief, and I found myself answering to an endless stream of cast members who peppered me with questions like a gaggle of kindergartners curious about their new teacher. "Are you dating anyone?" "You're married?" "To a man?" "But you used to kiss girls?" "Do you miss it?"
I was finally forced to consider a question that had never, ever occurred to me before: Holy shit, am I gay?"
groups of lesbians don't make me feel uncomfortable so i must still straight.

melissa wanted you to see this

miss y'all.

11 September 2014


bush's press secretary is re-live-tweeting 9/11 right now. pretty fascinating.

look what the cry babies at penn state did to their chipotle

ungrateful jerks. these selfish nittany assholes deprived an entire campus of their delicious and ethical chipotle burritos.

daily ri ri

rihanna looking fierce in tush magazine ya'll

10 September 2014

hot lava dip

"Getting to [Marum] was kind of like a reverse climbing of Everest," he said. "The volcano fought back at us, and we had to deal with terrible weather, tremendous heat from the lava, descending and ascending 400 meters of near vertical, loose rock face, acid rain so strong that it could have come from a car battery, and a variety of other craziness."
Kourounis says he got so close to the lava that splashes of it melted a hole into his rain jacket and also a part of one of his cameras. (via)
thx birthdave!

unsatisfied women in art

i could read these forever:

babe what is it
what’s wrong
are there not enough leopard skins
i mean
if you call just two enough

why do i only have a stone lion for my LEFT HAND
what am i supposed to do with my right hand

08 September 2014

MU$☝☾ M☝NUT€ W/ M$D∆NG€L$ - FKA twigs cover of Sam Smith - "Stay With Me"

gotta love those BBC Radio one covers

so scary! or cute?

I literally almost peed my pants watching this. Its cute but im not gunna lie - creeepy!
via my office buddy billy via youtube

'sgo vols!

remember when josh smith jumped right over a person?

damn nature

from nscience

05 September 2014

my first fall friday staying until 6pm

She is the cutest little fatty you can imagine

a baby dwarf hippo named Olivia born in Sweden

julie klausner on joan rivers

she wrote a lovely piece about her experiences working with joan on several projects. it's touching.
It never once occurred to me that Joan Rivers could die. Like everyone else, I can’t remember a time in which she wasn’t around. Joan has always been in the cultural conversation; so much so that we took her for granted. She was always there, like Santa Claus or the New York Post, or the sun or the moon. The fact that she was 81 when she died seems irrelevant, even insulting to mention. Joan was ageless. She went out buzzing. (via)
julie re-posted the joan rivers episode of how was your week?, which was a sweet thing to do.

king of the shrimps!

look at this disgusting thing a fisherman pulled out of the ocean in florida.

3rd down for WHAT.

thx dale!!

UPDATE: you can get you one here.

it's here!!!!!!11111


David Thibault as ELVIS


For his facebook page click here and for the Graceland event this past January click here

04 September 2014


angel joan tells a heckler what's what, you stupid sons of bitches. from the documentary "joan rivers: a piece of work", which as far as i can tell is available on netflix, so i'll probs watch that tonight.

In Bed With Joan

Joan, goddammit, I love you.


RIP joan rivers

you are already missed.
She lived in a triplex penthouse just off Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park that featured a ballroom with gilded columns and 23-foot-high ceilings. It was on the market for $29.5 million in 2011, when she told The New York Times: “Qaddafi wanted to rent it for that whole U.N. thing. People said it’s blood money. I said, ‘Oh, I can easily wash blood off dollar bills.’ But they didn’t like it. It was too close to a synagogue.” (via)

9-4-81 B-Day

happy birthday Bey


A woman jumped from the Peabody Hotel - I'm assuming- roof. A firefighter nearby said she landed between a horse and it's buggy (pictured below).
Bad news is she is now dead as a doornail but don't worry the horse is ok...just spooked.

aw, cute!

some utah state fans made an adorable hyperlapse of their trip to knoxville for last weekend's game. i see you, cornhole in market square.

03 September 2014

let jazmine sullivan snatch your edges

i said it's GREAT!

i bet this was dr. gary sousa's idea...

The Tennessee Volunteers unveiled a new pre game ritual on Sunday at Neyland Stadium. The Volunteers players and members of the Pride of the Southland drumline performed a “Circle of Life” warmup drill minutes before the kickoff. The Tennessee players circled around the drummers in a synchronized pattern before meeting in the center to a huge reaction from the sold out crowd. (via)

your fortnightly boat

or at least, boat-related...
The recent installation of 216 state-of-the-art electronically-controlled wave boards has made this the most sophisticated scientific wave-testing basin of its size in the world. Scaled-down fiberglass models, cruisers the size of canoes, ride waves that max out at a few feet high. But it’s the motion of the ocean that matters. The hinged wave boards, each with its own motor synced up to software, can precisely recreate eight ocean conditions (from flat calm to typhoonlike) across all seven seas, pushing the water and moving up and down like giant piano keys whose scales and chords are waves.
The Navy tests models in the basin to be sure that billion-dollar ships will float before it builds them, but also to assess whether sailors can launch missiles and land helicopters in particular circumstances, and how vessels handle with a full tank versus running on fumes. Pitch, roll, sway, heave, acceleration, displacement—the calculations alone are enough to make you queasy. (via)
thx lube!

it pains me to admit it...

...but i thoroughly enjoyed this.

sorry starla.

but i'm not sure you anyone can compete with sex incarnate FKA twigz.
According to sources who spoke with US Magazine, the couple is "early on" in their relationship and are "just having fun." As Billboard notes, Pattinson is no stranger to music. In fact, "Pattinson has more than just a fleeting obsession with music." Pretty convenient then that he's (maybe) dating a musician!
The US Magazine source goes on to say that FKA Twigs (aka Tahliah Debrett Barnett) thinks that Pattinson is "unbelievably handsome," which is the one definitive truth in this entire story. The pair were photographed together last week leaving a restaurant at the Bowery Hotel, where they presumably talked about their mutual love for music. (via)

marnie as peter pan

interesting choices!

this is what i always assume will happen when i get in a kayak.

ooohhh nooooooooooooo.

thx brother ben!

best point of the match so fah

secret menu items at chipotle, sbux, burger, and MORE!

this crazy website tells you how to order random shit off the menu at places like starbucks, chipotle, and more. they don't have an answer for getting free extra guac though.

02 September 2014

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