03 February 2012

another music video with MIA

this one is from madonna, and is a little (lot) less interesting

MIA - bad girls

incredibly good.

i want that.


thx ktv!

oh thank g-d

i read on the back of everyone's AMNYs yesterday that swamp people will be back februrary 9!

tyler likes zebra cakes.

spotifriday - not to be outdone

today i am listening to the jams that were on the radio (remember 96X?) vaguely around the time we were in high school.

nirvana, hole, garbage, weezer, fiona apple, tracy chapman, green day, etc.

alternateen friday over here.

good thinking, dummies.

The Susan G. Komen foundation has reversed its position on Planned Parenthood, and will continue funding the organization after all, issuing a statement that apologizes "for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women's lives." The move comes after a week of online protest over the news that Komen would end a grant to Planned Parenthood to provide mammograms. It was not a move that Komen took lightly. The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg unearthed memos from December that show how the Komen foundation instructed its employees to "obfuscate the issues when confronted with questions about why Komen cut off funding to Planned Parenthood." The letters outline "updated eligibility requirements" that include changes in tax-exemption status and loss of federal funding, among other things. (via)


I made my first spotify playlist!  Come on over and listen to Nordic Tracks, a tastefully crafted assortment of artisanal music petifores from those ice covered tall and blonde countries.  Special thanks to Kiki for helping me remember so many different artists.

You know, I heard joe paterno picked up nordic tracking once he put on a wig and stopped covering up child rape.

dream of the 1890's

i thought that died out 120 years ago!

behind the scenes on the set of beethoven

thanks flim!

i want that.

Bang! is a desk lamp with a gun-shaped remote controller. User can fire the "gun" to turn the light off. The light goes out and the lampshade knocks to the side, showing that it's been hit. To turn it back on, simply shot it again, and the lampshade will raise up slowly and turn the light back on at the same time.
thx matt!

chronicle viral video

some people kites flying to and fro, hopefully not creeping anyone out. via.

in incredible nickname news:

This is Patriots RB
BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

His nickname is:

The Law Firm!

Look at him leaving that NY Football Shrimp in the dussssst.


i don't have too much time today to get real creative, so here's just a collection of the songs i've been listening to most since last friday.

pabst blue ribbon on ice.

50 DAYS.

this trailer will air during the super joel this weekend!
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