30 April 2012

anderson cooper pussy joke

thats the same cat that we told you about earlier. look how happy they both are.

let's see if all this was worth it.

you may have heard that 2Pz fave, the morning benders, have changed their name to the stupidest name in the world, POP ETC.

here is their new self-directed video...

it's not very good, but chris chu is still adorable so i'm going to give them a chance to prove themselves. but this is their one and only chance.

perfume genius - dark parts

food rap

tell me about it, TA.

29 April 2012

melissa's gun

i was just on the phone with my sister and asked what she was up to. she said she had just gotten back back from the gun range and she was cleaning the old girl out. did you know that she got the thing from our granddad who got it from his uncle who got it from his dad who probably used it to kill rats on the mayflower. ctm.

a harbinger of your doom

from @theo


27 April 2012

for starla:

She's reading it you know.  How emBEARassing!

get a grip puppy!

This puppy can't ride in the car without having his paw held.  How adorable.  But seriously dog, stop whining. [jezzie]

old new york

The Atlantic has some fun old photos of NYC recently released by the Municipal Archives.  You can go here to see the full gallery.  But good luck getting it to load; it's totes overwhelmed right now.


martha, seriously... call me

new york magazine gives us Martha Stewart's week-long food diary, and low and behold... she goes to MEMPHIS to eat BBQ at CORKY'S!!!!  Of course she loves it.

 When traveling, I always make an effort to go to the best local spots. I asked some of the sales associates where I could get the best Memphis–style barbecue, and they all pointed me to the famous Corky’s BBQ, a Memphis staple. We had the most delicious Tennessee BBQ, the meat just fell off the ribs; warm hushpuppies; creamy, golden mac 'n’ cheese; fresh coleslaw to complement the spice of the ribs, and to wash it all down, a large glass of unsweetened iced tea with a slice of lemon.

good news about the grizzlies

With their win last night over the Orlando Magic, the Grizzlies moved up to the 4th seed in the Western Conference and secured home court advantage to open their first round playoff series against (dreamboat) Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The first game in the series is this Sunday at 9:30 eastern time and will be nationally televised on TNT.

Come watch with me at Cool Beans in Williamsburg.
The rest of the schedule is as follows:

Game 1 — Sun. April 29th — 9:30 PM TNT
Game 2 — Wed. May 2nd — 9:30 PM TNT
Game 3 — Sat. May 5th — 4:30 PM ESPN
Game 4 — Mon. May 7th — TBD
Game 5 — *Wed. May 9th — TBD
Game 6 — *Fri. May 11th — TBD
Game 7 — *Sun. May 13th — TBD

*we won't need these games because we're going to win out in 4.

there's a 50/50 chance your dog is a fatty

I'm sorry, maybe there's something wrong with me, but I don't see anything wrong with this dog.  I just don't.  But the Times does.

"eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!! dream come true!" -keeks

according to kylie,  according to the atlantic,

"Be still all downtown gay hearts: Chloƫ Sevigny, former queen of the Beatrice, is in talks to be a cast member on the second season of American Horror Story. So, that's big enough news itself, but here's the real kicker: She'll be playing a character named Shelly the Nymphomaniac. Yes. Terrific. Signed. Done. We're on board. Toot toot, next stop FX to watch that. Well done, everyone. You've got us."

UPDATE via thomas wilhelm:

"EW has learned exclusively that Big Love‘s Chloe Sevigny is in final talks to join the second season, set to begin production this summer. Sevigny will play a character named Shelly the Nymphomaniac, who is one of the mortal enemies of Jessica Lange’s character." more

can't ANYONE blog for themselves today?

baby 'roo is popping out

kylie wanted you to see this

a new york resident's nightmare scenario

falling through the sidewalk into a homeless person's lap. click to see it happen to a chines girl

another delta fuck-up

in-flight entertainment system is down. sometimes i wonder if they've ever managed to get anything right, you know what I mean?

beats antique

I'm trying out blogging from the airplane on my iPhone. is it working?

this one is for jenny

#nosports #allportland #timelapseisclearlymyfavorite.

“Diseases that come from no condom for one second”

planned parenthood answered lena dunham's girls character's google search here. 
funny that it happened but also informative!

jicyww, I follow lena dunham, not planned parenthood...

this looks disturbingly familiar


26 April 2012

martha, call me

hanging out with martha steward sounds like a real blast: (via)

"They always think I’m drunk because I’m always tweeting in the dark, so it makes me do misspellings," said Stewart, who was sipping ... something that did not look like water. "But that’s stupid. I don’t get drunk. Please." Nor does she eat unappetizing food, like the fish she was served. "If I get hungry, I’ll just go upstairs and order a bowl of noodles from Masa," she explained, laughing. "Maybe I should call them and order. 'Hey, Masa, I’m downstairs at an event. Can you bring me some noodles?' They would love it!" 

Twitter isn't the only new-age social network Stewart has tried. "My niece is dating a guy who’s writing the definitive history of online dating. So I tried filling out the Match.com form. I couldn’t get past the first page!" she said. "The questions are so ridiculous, and they ask you to define yourself. It’s just ridiculous." (Besides, even if she could get a profile together, says Stewart, "I'd be murdered on the first date!") She has offline admirers, though, including Harvey Weinstein, who, upon seeing Stewart tweeting a photo of Raphael Saadiq's performance, told her, "You’re cool, just cool. I want to go to a rock concert with you.” What show? "Whatever she wants. Springsteen." She countered. "I’d rather go to a rap concert than a rock concert. If Eminem ever comes back, I want to go see Eminem." Perhaps they weren't a match. 

Stewart left early — maybe for those noodles — but not before making fun of Chelsea Handler's dress sotto voce. "Is that a toga? That is a very high slit. In a very odd place," said Stewart, nodding at the distinct lack of fabric near Handler's posterior. She tried to take a picture of it so she could tweet. The phones, alas, weren't cooperating.

which new chris brown song to you like best?

chris brown (feat. wiz khalifa + big sean) - till i die

chris brown (feat. nicki minaj) - right by my side


game of thrones airbrushed.

nErD aLeRt!

“One can kill a man as easily with a dwelling as with an axe!” Artist Baptiste de Bombourg takes literal this famous damnation of Heinrich Zille, only updating the killing device from a singular ax to an arsenal of automated guns. Entitled ‘Tradition of Excellence’, De Bombourg’s hand-rendered drawings treat each of the guns as a solid mass, from which are carved a series of architectural rooms and spaces.
The drawings recall the plan drawings of medieval British castles–famously collected and studied by Louis Kahn–in which small spaces are excavated out of the thick fortress walls. Yet the “walls” of de Bombourged guns are much more thin, even nimble, with electic, non-platonic profiles that prove naturally conducive to the new spaces and programs.

ANNOUNCEMENT: the day i ate lunch with jake gyllenhaal

one of our vendors took me and rosanna and faith to lunch at abc kitchen and jake gyllenhaal was seated one table away from us and i had a freak fit. it was like that for about an hour, then he was getting up to go so i got my phone ready to snap a pic. i forgot to turn the flash off so i lit up the whole place on his way out. until we meet again jake.thats him walking away to the left of the picture.

it has recently come to my attenshion, that iiiii liiiike filum.

Samsara, a "sequel" to the 1992 non-narrative film Baraka will be released in theaters this August. I loved Baraka, and I can't wait to see Samsara (though I could do without that title font).
And if you're really just over the rainbow for non-narrative film, as I know you are, check out the Qatsi trilogy with music by Phillip Glass. Ron Fricke, the cinematographer for Baraka and Samsara, was also the cinematographer for Koyaanisqatsi, the first of the Qatsi trilogy.

brokelandia - what it feels like sometimes

the brooklyn nets new logo

As long as I am shamelessly re-blogging, this is probs the new brooklyn nets logo. looks like bard. 
i like it.

the nets had this splash page up yesterday on their website. EXCITING!

jicyww: what's a yankee smell like?

we previously reported on the new stink emanating from the bronx. here's what it smells like according to the manufacturer:
The New York Yankees™ fragrance epitomizes the winning style of the greatest team in baseball, capturing a sporty and confident attitude.
This fresh, woody scent introduces an invigorating blend of sparkling Bergamot, Coriander and cool Blue Sage. As it evolves, the fragrance reveals a fusion of crisp Ivy Leaves, Orange Flower and Geranium enhanced with rich earthy Patchouli, smooth Sandalwood and Suede to create a timeless, masculine scent.

It was reviewed by the people over at deadspin and the best comment was this:
Chandler Burr, former perfume critic for T: The New York Times Style Magazine and the current curator of olfactory art at the Museum of Art and Design: "This is absolutely the pitch perfect Justin Bieber hit. You get a perfectly constructed pop hit that stays resolutely within the boundaries of comfort and familiarity but has a great hook. The boundaries of comfort and familiarities are the 1980s late 20th century masculine and the hook is a very sweet fun fruit—like a raspberry. It's the Justin Bieber of scents—if you could bottle Justin Bieber this would be it."

way to go yankees. you nailed it.

25 April 2012

who's coming with me?

i'm counting on you to come to this. mark your calenders.

stay with me (baby)

Legend has it that when Frank Sinatra canceled a New York recording date in July 1966 (he married Mia Farrow on the 16th), the three days’ notice was not enough to refund the booking of a 46-piece orchestra. Reprise Records made calls to producers, asking if anyone could use the date, which had already been paid for. Sensing opportunity, producer Jerry Ragavoy grabbed his arranger, and they hurriedly prepared charts for a song they would have otherwise recorded on a much smaller scale. Lorraine Ellison cut the vocal of “Stay With Me” live with the orchestra; the jaded session players fought back tears as she delivered what would go down as one of the most chillingly unhinged performances in pop history. via

thomas wilhelm, flim, and I at the drag race watch party

just kidding. that is manila luzon, the next to next drag superstar from season 3.

who's coming with me?

mccarren park pool re-opens june 28. this is a picture of it with real water inside. no word yet on whether you will be able to take turkey's nurks in for pool deck refreshments but here's hoping. via

love letter to coney island

robert kolodny paints this picture of coney island today. i want to go there. via

a british boy band

i know what youre thinking, when did one erection direction change their name and grow muscles? well, joke's on you. this is a totally different and separate british boy band from X Factor called the wanted. now you get to pick your favorite. I pick the ethnically ambiguous max george.

look at her go!

poppin' off.

24 April 2012

this frog is humaning

remember that? via.

Frieze NYC

Patrik Sandberg, senior editor at V and VMan Magazines just tweeted this pic of the enormous serpentine tent currently being built for the Frieze Art Fair on Randall's Island in May.

just look at that giant erection.


If you're keeping up with the most important drag show contest on the planet, then you know that during last night's finale, RuPaul decided to wait until next week's reunion to announce her Next Drag Superstar. That means that you all have a chance to correct your giant mistake and join me and flim at Boxer's for the official NYC watch party (hosted by Manila Luzon). You betta werk. If you don't believe me when I say that this show is reality television's crowning achievement, just ask gawker.

in other pizza news

Pizza Hut has created yet another variation* to tempt DJV on pizza Friday--one with a hot dog in the crust!  He loves stuffing succulent wieners in tight places, there's no way he'll be able to resist that.

*Available only in the UK, the mustard jizzle is FREE. [via]

"hey, watch me..."

pizza hut middle east has stepped up the war on thomas wilhelm's arteries with the addition of the cheeseburger crust pizza. he's from alabama, there's no way he'll be able to resist that.

 UPDATE: it get's crazier, in england some have meatballs and some have cream cheese

and in korea they have shrimp on the crust

23 April 2012

appointment television

TONIGHT: 9PM eastern time, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Finale Eleganza Spectacular! don't miss it.

Ke$ha + The Flaming Lips

2012 (you must be upgraded)

i would probably put this on the cornhole playlist. and THAT is a compliment.

here's your first glimpse...

...at the 2013 national championship team.

the best thing about the orange-and-white game, which took place this weekend, is that tennessee never loses!

lookin' real good, diane lane!

nErD aLeRt!

if you're into postmodernism, then you'll enjoy watching michael graves ugly up this unassuming old warehouse in princeton, nj.

good news!

tim tebow will be parking his tasteless gator tail in broboken, smell jersey where he belongs, significantly decreasing the chance of ever having the misfortune of running into him on the streets of new york. #bulletdodged

phases of the moon glass


thx maxwell!

fiona apple :: every single night

this is going to be the first single from the new fiona apple album (released 6/19), which you can expect to be amazing.

i love you just the way you are

Meow the cat is 2 years old, and 39 lbs, which is the equivalent of being a 600 lb man.  He is also in need of a new home, so if you live near Santa Fe, give this kitty a chance (and don't skimp on the Meow Mix)! [via]

jesus is a biscuit

jesus took the bread and broke it, saying "take, eat, this is my body" aka: jesus is a biscuit

22 April 2012

what, all this for me?

this pup snuck his way into a parade in mexico for the pope. can you believe it?

zayn with koala

one erection direction was in australia and the picked up some koala bears. did you know that koalas are going extinct because almost all of them have chlamydia? via

20 April 2012

if your left hand sees how much fun your right hand is having


the nyt's Tyler got it wrong.

too too good

this sometimes gawker writer caity weaver really nailed it. this is one of the funniest things ive read on the internet today, at least. a chicken had a baby chicken that came out fully grown like some sort of non-bird baby. READ IT and laugh then follow the writer on twitter like I did.

'splosion friday

6 minutes of danish stuff exploding in sloooooooow mooooootttttiiiiooooooon.

so excited.

Back in February, scaremaster Ryan Murphy teased that the second season of American Horror Story would involve a “horror institution” on the East Coast. Now the series’ co-creator has revealed what that institution is — as well as which familiar face will be running the joint.
According to Murphy, the show’s sophomore season “is set on the East Coast at an institution for the criminally insane that is run by Jessica [Lange].” He revealed the news yesterday at a TV Academy panel in North Hollywood. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, AHS‘s season 1 episode “Birth” contained a clue about this setting; in one scene, a medium played by Sarah Paulson notes that certain places, like prisons or asylums (or Murder Houses), tend to be filled with a negative energy that feeds on trauma and pain.
But don’t expect to see Lange reprise her role as cruel, campy Constance Langdon. Instead, she’ll be playing a new character altogether — fitting, since Murphy also explained that season 2 “is set in a completely different time period.” (via)

google glass

i don't know about you, but i cannot wait to be a robot. especially for the "take a picture" feature. #instantgrahamonmyface

19 April 2012

river phoenix, i know how you feel


not the best quality.


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, President Barack Obama announced Patricia “Pat” Summitt, former head coach and current head coach emeritus of the University of Tennessee’s women’s basketball team, as a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The Medal of Freedom is the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States, to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors. 

President Obama said, “Coach Summitt is an inspiration – both as the all-time winningest NCAA coach, and as someone who is willing to speak so openly and courageously about her battle with Alzheimer’s.   Pat’s gift has always been her ability to push those around her to new heights, and over the last 38 years, her unique approach has resulted in both unparalleled success on the court and unrivaled loyalty from those who know her and those whose lives she has touched.  Pat’s coaching career may be over, but I’m confident that her work is far from finished.  I look forward to awarding her this honor.”

guess what this is.

dick clark's house.

the 6th annual international cornhole cup : REGISTRATION DAY!!!!11

we're one month out from the 6th annual international cornhole cup, and we are opening up the registration today! if you will be in the new york metropolitan area on may 19th (armed forces day), you're going to want to be involved in this. here are the deets:
Come to eat, drink, hangout.You can sign up (see below) in teams of two, or enter yourself in the single and looking category and we will set you up with your perfect cornhole match. As always, day of registrants will be accepted as bracket space allows.
Your small registration fee of $10 per entrant will go to fund the extra surprises we have in store to properly celebrate 6 years of causing trouble on Brooklyn rooftops. You can expect keg beer, America-positive decorations, food, special prizes, and a surprise performance by Sinead O'Connor (the surprise is that the performance is in Montclair, NJ).
anyway, here goes the fine print:
WHO: you and your best friends
WHAT: sunshine, booze, food, dancing, and friendly cornholing
WHEN: Armed Forces Day 2012 (May 19th) roof opens at noon, opening ceremonieskick off at 1:30pm
WHERE: Williamsburg rooftop - Lorimer stop on the L train
WHY: because it's there
If you want to play, please pre-register and pay by May 10th. We need to try to get an accurate headcount, so your help in this regard is greatly appreciated.
Full Eyes, Clear Hearts, Can't Lose.



and let me remind you that this is an international event, so distance is no excuse. we have verified the travel itineraries of both KTV and melissa, who are coming from tennessee. here's a link to kayak. see y'all in a month!

daily ri ri

acting her balls off. CANT. WAIT.

consider yourself invited

parker posey has been spotted numerous times around the architecture building up here. this is why. (the theater is across the street)

i plan on going april 28.

you know what dave wants but isn't gonna beg for it?

the new york yankees official fragrance.

good thing his birthday is right around the corner!

18 April 2012

starla: "cannot. wait."

miss you already.

DJV's sPiRiT aNiMaL!!!


pat summit has stepped down

the winningest basketball coach in college history has made it official.

 "I've loved being the head coach at Tennessee for 38 years, but I recognize that the time has come to move into the future and to step into a new role," Summitt said in a statement. "I support Holly Warlick being named the next head coach, and I want to help ensure the stability of the program going forward. I would like to emphasize that I fully intend to continue working as head coach emeritus, mentoring and teaching life skills to our players, and I will continue my active role as a spokesperson in the fight against Alzheimer's through the Pat Summitt Foundation Fund. 

 "If anyone asks, you can find me observing practice or in my office. Coaching is the great passion of my life, and the job to me has always been an opportunity to work with our student-athletes and help them discover what they want. I will continue to make them my passion. I love our players and my fellow coaches, and that's not going to change."

hologram coachella


terry and aziz

i recommend listening to the second half of this fresh air ep, with aziz ansari. terry and aziz really ham it up, and then at the end aziz will make you cry. from sadness. enjoy!

north korea : totes insane

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