05 November 2010

freedom fridayz

i've been watching the freedom tower (aka 1 wtc) rise higher into the skyline for a couple months now. my coworker and i decided to document its progress every week or two, and i'm going to share that documentation with you. the freedom tower is under the red arrow. the blue arrow is pointing out the beekman tower that frank gehry threw up, which is also a newby to the downtown skyline. it has reached its peak, so you can use it as a reference for future pics.

look at these!

liz found them on the street and sent me a pixie! what ARE you?!

this was MY idea

chipotle is coming to memphis! hooray!!! i was just talking about this wednesday. not to mention all my tweets to @chipotle. oh hell yeah yall.

love patrick wolf.

love his new song. and his cute new video, too.


(via) thx lilly!

30 rock soundtrack!

Much of that double CD consists of the show's score by composer Jeff Richmond, also a producer of the show and Tina Fey's husband. But it also includes songs from the show. And yes, that means we get "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah", "Muffin Top", and the cast's showstopping rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia". (via)
how lucky are we?!

y'all have seen this, right?

jtfc, sarah! you need to take a chill pill!

stay tuned til the end. it pays off.

keith olbermann's worst person in the world is...

keith olbermann!

he's been indefinitely suspended for failing to have political donations to 3 democratic candidates approved, as per NBC policy.

what the fuck has obama done so far?

the website. thx gabe!

keekerz speakerz


tina fey busts out the sarah palin one more time. her bear jokes are 11 biscuits.

daily ri-ri


lesbian rumors!

did i just feel a thumb?

omg david beckham's voice! i don't think i've ever heard it before.

thx joey!
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