19 December 2013

"OMG...that football is a monkey"

So this. Yes. There is so much to unpack ... yet it's simple enough to just post us with no comment - it's like a youtube haiku. 

just thinking out loud here

phantogram - black out days

the music video.

i'll watch this

christmas comes early

2Pz favorite gawker writer caity weaver, who writes 2Pz favorite gawker column, thatz not okay, is gifting us with a special holiday edition called 12 days of thatz not okay, where we get one every day (for 12 days). enjoy!

Things To Look Forward To & Wish For In 2014

Grimes has been signed to Jay-z's Roc Nation records and is recording a new album...

...and I am going to connect the dots here: Grimes is a crazy good producer/music maker - BOOTS, an awesome producer/songwriter, signed to Roc Nation a few months back and
Beyoncé's new album is mostly his songs and production. Grimes has been flipping out (just as the rest of the universe) over the new Beyoncé album (actuallygrimes.tumblr has a lot of posts about B) - ergo BEYONCÉ AND GRIMES WILL COLLABORATE IN 2014 (please universe, please!)

mix and spin

i keep seeing this video and i have to be honest...who cares? so the kid can dance. i think everyone is missing the point, which starts at 1:20 followed by...well let's just say those ladies are amazeballs.

UPDATE (stupid autoplay) click HERE to view

(omg omg omg, joel & mike...are you ready to mix & spin? t-minus two dayzzzzzzzzzz!)
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