14 January 2011

have y'all been following tunisia?

(it's right there across the street from italy)

this morning i saw a headline about protests against an authoritarian ruler in tunisia. last night he said he's stop using live ammo on protesters, which just made folks get on twitter and facebook to organize bigger protests. well, it seems they were successful. the corrupt leader was overthrown and fled the country, and get this -

this also marks the first time an arab leader has been overthrown through protests.

i had a feeling this wikileaks thing would turn out for the best somehow. way to go wikileaks. and america, we shouldn't be so shy when gossiping about other countries.

nytimes has all the coverage you need.


shit, maybe we should consider legislation to keep guns from getting into the wrong hands.

good news

all that zodiac business from yesterday turns out to be bullshit. dont worry, i'm still a gemini.

john wanted me to show you this.

what is it?

bill o'reilly to interview president obama

on super bowl sunday! before the game!
Talk about a pregame match: Bill O'Reilly of Fox News will interview President Obama on Feb. 6 -- Super Bowl Sunday -- before the network's NFL championship game broadcast , marking the first sit-down interview between the two since Obama's presidential run in 2008. (via)

how you do this.


omg twinsies!

martha stewart bent down to say hi to one of her puppies, and it busted her in the mouth! jicydak, when i was in second grade, i bent down to give my puppy max a kiss while he was eating his dinner, and he bit me! i got stitches! now, martha's going to have a really cool lip scar JUST LIKE ME!
and omg no she didn't! (from her slideshow)

it's raining deadly ice daggers!

joel told me about this the other day, and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. y'all be careful out there.

what are the odds?

i was just listening to radio kylie, and the song "money for nothing" by the dire straits came on. as i was reminiscing about the dawn of MTV and music videos, i was shocked to hear some very offensive language in a song that we've all heard so many times. they are as follows:
The little faggot with the earring and the makeup
Yeah buddy, that's his own hair
That little faggot got his own jet airplane
That little faggot he's a millionaire
isn't that weird?! the song was written by mark knopfler and sting, of all people.

anyway, i got to googling and you'll never believe it but just YESTERDAY, canada banned the song from radio! how come canada and i have never noticed those lyrics in the 26 years they've been around until just now?

ok, just needed to tell someone about this. thanks for listening.

bonus link : this was the next song on radio kylie.

just give them growlers.

have y'all seen the ridiculous duane reade that opened on bedford avenue in williamsburg? i won't lie, it was pretty amazing to see such a huge and luxurious drugstore, especially in that neighborhood, but one couldn't help but be insulted by the growler bar that you encounter right when you walk in. anyway:
When Duane Reade opened a new store a few months ago in Brooklyn, it faced opposition from residents loyal to a local pharmacy. So it decided to include something in the store that the neighborhood did not have: a bar that specializes in beer.
The Williamsburg beer bar is part of a larger effort by Duane Reade to recognize — and capitalize — on the fierce identity and local needs of many New York City neighborhoods. (via)
however, the giant walk-in beer fridge was quite appealing.

lady power.

i was really touched to hear that gabby gibbons opened her eyes for the first time during a visit from fellow congressladies kirsten gillibrand, nancy pelosi, and debbie wasserman schultz. the new york times has an enchanting article about the bond between these women and others in congress.
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