05 August 2010

look what i got!

icydak, and you definitely should, tomorrow is my 27th B-DAY!!! my parents sent me this cake...to my office. icyct, i am not a seven year old. but it tastes good! now if you'll excuse me, i need to eat some feelings.

look what i found!

a space invader tag in the financial district! huzzah!


I was doing dog research with my co-workers. One said i should get a border terrier (not pictured, but cute as can be), the other said a border collie. I goog searched it and found this!

I'm still thinkin

do you see what i see?

has anyone ever had that? is it good? here's a recipe. maybe joel and i will have some tonight...

NYT piece re: classy ice cream

abstract city : red eye


for lilly.

Shaggy - Mr Boombastic
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janelle monae : cold war

love! i see an acting career on the horizon...

'fyer thirsty.

arcade fire live webcast tonight.

from MSG. 10pm EST. on youtube.

colbert on tennessee guebrnatorial race

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Republican Gubernatorial Primary Battle Watch '010 - Tennessee
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holy crap china.

china came up with this idea for some new "buses". and whoever photoshopped these renderings has an impeccable understanding of visual perspective.

is that sticia tooth?

in honor of happy gay marriage day, check out this great slideshow of gays messin' with gaycists.

im michelle obama dot com

and i look like 11 biscuits.

oh and did you know that barack invited bobama to fly to chicago with him to celebrate his b-day with oprah?

how did i get this song in my head?



is he going to move the ACTUAL capitol building to chattanooga?

LOVE that logo!!

radioactive chernobyl boars

According to reporter Charles Hawley, "as Germany's wild boar population has skyrocketed in recent years, so too has the number of animals contaminated by radioactivity left over from the Chernobyl meltdown," which took place almost 25 years ago.
Apparently, mushrooms and truffles, which the hogs like to eat, are "particularly efficient at absorbing radioactivity." (via)

dont tell me what to do.

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