23 February 2012

lift off

thx flim

a closer look at zac efron's condomgate sunnies.


jenny, close your eyes.

look at jordan mcrae dunking all over ole piss (start at 1:32)!!

i propose a nickname. how about "air jordan"??

thx deej max.

thomas wilhelm wanted me to share this with you

and i am more than happy to oblige. this is a video of honey boo boo child zac efron on the red carpet handing the contents of his pocket to some nameless nobody escorting him down the orange carpet at the lorax premiere. THEN A CONDOM FALLS OUT. vapors, ive got vapors.

starla has a new neighbor

jeremy lin is now living at the W hotel downtown, just a stones throw (or bounce pass) away from one of new york's most eligible bachelorettes.

new AP logo

The Associated Press has a new logo -- its first in 30 years! -- and it looks much more upright instead of slanting off to the right as the old one did. It's also black, with a red underline, and the stencil-like look that's a little more pronounced, with larger bridges in the letters -- the bridge on the "A" also shifted from right to left. According to the AP's marketing package (PDF), the straight-up letters are supposed to send the message that AP leans over for nobody. The revised logo "is bold and straightforward and stands upright to stress integrity." Meanwhile, the new color scheme "shows the dynamic nature of our news company, and allows a much-needed flexibility to reflect our diverse array of products and services." (via)
i don't know.

what are you giving up for lent?

i'm giving up not eating cadbury mini eggs.

share your lenten resolution in the comments!



william and kate's royal puppy!

pelosi on colbert

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g.animalz's spirit animalz

me: wanna help me assign a spirit animal?
Joel: yeah
me: ok clear your mind
i'm going to send you a picture
and you yell out the first person that comes into your brain
Joel: ok
Joel: looks like grace to me

puppy or chipotle?

i just thought it was sketchup.

the making of that chipotle commercial.

mad whack!

this movie is real! i like their accents!

thx davey!

dave and i made this for you.

this weirdo is the current reigning champion of the teachers' tournament on jeopardy this week. he is so WEIRD! and smug. and insufferable. and we had to tell you about him. watch him tonight.

it's only fun when he's on your team.

“Are you sure I didn’t get blamed for the Kentucky game? I’m sure somebody somewhere blamed me for that,” Kiffin told the AJC with a laugh. 
"After we left two years ago, and I don’t remember the timeline, there were some floods in Tennessee. So people around here were joking that was my fault — that there were floods there." (via)

that's not funny. people died, you dick. DIED!

#neverabandonedthevols #betterthanyou

(ps - sorry, jenny)
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