16 April 2012




hillz getting drunk and dancing in colombia. love it.

brb outside : beantown!

this weekend, joel and djv and i set sail for the birthplace of america: boston, mass.
we accidentally did this the night before leaving, so we were a little hungover.

a problem that is easily remedied.


first stop was 2Pz friend aaron's house for some afternoon cornhole. 

when in boston.....

this is really nothing. don't even bother looking at it.

the view from the roof of our accommodations.

here are the boys with our host and 2Pz bestie, maxwell. cute hats!

some of our new friends, alex and lindsey, at the local bar.

dave made a new friend too....

welcome home sunset.

gotye and kimbra kilt it on snl this week

easy on the eyes too.

azealia banks at coachella.

watch her entire set.

bubba watson's miracle shot.

check out the trajectory of the miracle shot that won bubba watson the masters.
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