30 August 2012

the vancouver grizzlies had their logo game on lockdown

there is a website that has all the sports teams and their logos. like, all of them. via.


werk it and twerk it

HOT SLUT OF THE DAY : this cute turtle!

this bitch swam all the way up to brooklyn from florida (smart move, turtle) and then got hooked on a fisherman's line. look how goddamn cute it is!!

we reached out to patrick halley for comment:

paul ryan smells like beef and cheese, he doesn't smell like santa.

you might've heard that vice presidential candidate paul ryan took the RNC stage last night and delivered a speech that most news outlets have fact-checked and concluded was riddled with false statements about the obama administration. today, the obama campaign has released a web ad in defense. see both.

2Pz : fair and balanced.

speaking of fair judgments, joel has determined that paul ryan is actually a chicken dressed in a man suit. you can hear the muffled clucks that are attempting to escape his lie-filled throat when he pauses for applause. fact-check THAT.

the new eric berry.

look at this dumb idea I bet going up hill is a real pain...

the vols are on the road to victory

literally, they just left. see.

richard lawson says what i've been thinking about the RNC

"You realize, watching this seething mass of people, that the secret, the economics stage show, is for us, on the outside. All the fiscal talk is for our benefit. Everyone in that room really knows what's being spoken about: Getting lazy poor people off their teat, sticking it to those gays, making sure we don't have to pay for some slut's sinful abortion. For all the cheer and cowboy hats and smiles and Christian blessings, this is an angry, aggressive group. And they are, or at least have been chosen to represent, nominally half of us. Half of us here in this country."

read the whole article here

why oh why are my arms so short?

quit licking my butt, deer.

dust the icicles off your frozen heart and enjoy this video

thx kirby


because it's friday for me!! #dontbejellybeanz

beyonce wants to know if you're going to dance

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player anderson, when beyonce asks you if you're going to dance, the answer is ALWAYS, "yes, beyonce"

what are you doing tomorrow night?

sans da'rick, oc. #dummy #whoneedshim

watch this one, too.

puppy parkour

get it. more
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